timothy mercurio
boston mass.usa now living in china
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how is the world possible for one to see when there is so much pullution for that i can see, we live in a world a world of decieve when at all possible for that when america says the world is mine and there i had mine atleast i have proved to be more moved when i find american lies that threads on pollution and makes me to see something i can not see for a 3rd world view on what do i believe china is not a 3rd world! omg i believe i have fought my way to haze of misguidings and possible deniabilty's i there for stand on the front line of my self which lies in a crate of lies why is this possible where so many are hurt and misjudged all because they are not rich or elected why do i have to take this and all their corrupted ways.

i lived in a hole that when i was found there was nothing left but a spit of a soul.

i thought of a way where i can feel so much as i tried i could not steal! .

how can i be there when i am not here how can i stay when i can not obey:

Manonton Dalan 17 September 2008

you learned well to see the truth that's accomplishment. good luck. is it true china drove the gas price up due to sudden influx of cars. canada sell china dirt oil. hmmmm... i wonder.md

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Alice Anne Gordon 07 October 2007

liked it :) AA Gordon

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