My Vulnerble Apology Poem by Christen Kuikoua

My Vulnerble Apology

In the depths of my soul, I beg forgiveness,
For I know not the extent of the hurt I caused,
My apologies falter, mere whispers in the wind,
Yet, I bear them with sincerity, with a heart that bleeds.

I confess, I longed to be a reflection of strength,
A mirage of confidence masking my insecurities,
But in that pursuit, I lost sight of your tender heart,
And in doing so, I betrayed the essence of who I am.

Oh, how I ache to rewind the clock,
To erase the wounds I inflicted upon your spirit,
To rewrite the script of our shared narrative,
With verses of love, compassion, and understanding.

For I am but a flawed vessel,
Navigating the turbulent seas of self-doubt,
Yet in your presence, I glimpse the shore of redemption,
A sanctuary where forgiveness blooms like wildflowers.

So, my love, if you could find it in your heart,
To grant me the grace of your forgiveness,
I promise to embark on a journey of transformation,
Wherein every step I take is guided by the light of your love.

Let me not be defined by my mistakes,
But by the sincerity of my repentance,
And together, we shall weave a story of redemption,
Where our scars are but testimonies to the power of forgiveness.

In your arms, I find solace,
In your forgiveness, I find redemption,
For you are the beacon that guides me home,
My sanctuary in this tumultuous world.

My Vulnerble Apology
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