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Name Your Price - Poem by Chris Jibero

Your name is akin to butter
It echoes like infectious vivacious laughter
In an empty vast mall
And glides in the mouth like cold water
That assuages a parched tongue
And resuscitates a fainting soul
Badly bashed by purveyors of wickedness
It is also like a vintage wine
That lifts up a heavy spirit
Cheering it up to do exploits
But you amble like a mobile caricature
Even as Abuuja (Nne Muonwu)
In this era of sprinting hustlers
And this makes me wonder
What hand will be capable
To thinker with the thick dark drapes
With which you have masked yourself
As a hidden trap
Vehemently fighting against your rapture
By my beseeching heart
And stoutly resisting your unveiling
By my avid hands
Favourably inclined to making you spring forth
Bloom and flourish like a rose
Amply supplied with water and nutrients

And I pine to know now more than ever
For desire has eaten up my piled up patience
And its overflowing storehouse
So, tell me what prompts your dimple-producing smile
That makes knees buckle under
What awakens the bewitching beauty that is your face
Causing it to rise and shine
Like the sun on a cloudless dry season morning
What activates the soft spot in your gracious heart
What kindles the flame of desire in your beady eyes
What opens the tap of the spring of kindness
In your bounteous bosom
What gingers you to care and share
What makes your lips drip of their honey
What triggers the flashing of your sparkling teeth
To illuminate a cloudy soul

Please tell me
What motivates you to offload the goods
You have warehoused for the called and chosen
What stokes the smouldering affection
In the reservoir of your belly
So you can clad with warmth
A soul swamped in biting coldness
Of loneliness

Yet, I wish to know
What ignites your pulsating passion
What turns on your wonderful womanhood
Choking in a crooked cage
What sways your heart towards a man
Who is willing to give you all his best
Or is there another price other than love
That you have placed on your invaluable heart
I need to to know now
Because love is the joker I have set aside
To win you for keeps.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

*** Abuuja, also called Nne Muonwu, is
a jocular female masquerade of the
Aro-Ndizuogu people of Eastern Nigeria.

(c) Chris Jibero.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 11, 2013

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