Madeleine Burnhell

Rookie (August 10 1994 / A Abusive Home)

Nameless He Forever More - Poem by Madeleine Burnhell

In the dark of the night, a bolt of thunder made me sit up right

Thinking of the chaos outside, looking out my window

Stormy lights flashes of lighting, brought the tree asunder with quite a freighting

Startled at what I saw I held my sister close to me

A snapping of branches, a rapping, lapping of the rain on the window pain

The rain pounds the house

A sound not as load, a knocking, silence filled the room with no talking

My sister and I sat looking at each other not knowing what to do

Looking from one to the other, wishing for our mother

To be there to open the door, to find out more

Our Hearts pound as the rain does

I take my stand, studying my hand

Walking forward to the door, floor boards creek and groan

Down the dark hallway she holds my hand; her little fingers help me stand

Reaching forward my shaky hand the door only a short way away

The only sound is the rain

My hand cold on the door handle, the wood creeks and moans under my sandal

Pulling the door open a touch and looking out

The rain is pounding on the porch, the old molding deck scorched

Peering outside I pull my head in and shake the thought from my brain

It was just the rain pounding on the door

As I turn to go back to ponder, my sister grabs my hand and points yonder

I look out the window, I see eyes in the reflection, to my surprise their not mine

Stumbling, fumbling, falling, grabbing my sister my name she is calling

Picking her up I grab a bar and a torch

Our heads pound with the rain

Walking swiftly towards the door, I can't think about someone outside my window anymore

I thrust open the door to the pouring rain

Searching, looking, wondering where the eyes would go from my thundering

Till I looked into the night through the fog I saw him there

The rain is pounding on him

Holding her in my arms she came to a sort of calm, I released the door handle from my palm

Walking slowly toward the fog the rain pounded

Bar in hand child in the other slowly approaching, the figure crouching

His hood now drenched in soggy, saggy water was removed

The bar fell like the pounding rain

"She's mine, she's mine you cant have her like you had me" I screamed now knowing he

"He" who ruined everything and everyone she's all I had left

Running with her in my arms, his arms reach out for my neck, my life now in wreck

Slams me against the wall she runs and hides good girl I thought

There is rain in my eyes

He leans in close his eyes bore into me, his breath sickens, my hurt head but my mind quickens

Knowing a secret he does not I pull the wood off the siding for a face shot

Only dazed for a second, I run into the house till she beckoned

I run towards her she is all I have I grab her in my arms

Our hearts pound and rain falls from our eyes

She handed me an item, girl her age should never know how to use, we hear him slipping in his shoes

I pocket the life saver and push her behind me as he crashes there the window

Wet, shivering with rage, he came at me like he lost his mind; he was not thinking he was blind

I bring my life saver out to show him, he thinks it's a life ender, he does not think ill do it

His heart pounds like the rain

He looks at me like I wont do it, I think I know more then he does I will do it

Time seems to stop as I pull the trigger, he falls back

She runs to me and asks who he is, the man on the floor, he is dead and nothing more

He is nothing to us anymore he never was out father he killed his partner

Our father on the ground forever more

I held her in my arms for a while longer, always making me fonder

I ran from him so I wouldn't have to hurt him but he choose his fate

I moved his body from the floor, tossed him in the river nameless here forever more

Now only a memory we clean up to wash it from our minds

Our father nameless here forever more

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this after reading The Raven for the first time same kinda pattern

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 18, 2012

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