Nameless Way Poem by Mason Maestro

Nameless Way

I am the cleverness in the dice
I am the active in the deed
I am the dictum becoming the medium
I am the nameless of the breed
I am the ethereal of the mind
I am the discarnate visible to the blind

The work of elucidating wisdom commentaries
Reframing the knowledge of Rosicrician dignitaries
Carried out by the Anthroposophical Society
A cast of an initiated notoriety
Craze for the Cabala and other spiritual steam
A conduit of the true Rosicrucian stream

Royal regalia- crook and flail
Holy glory or a holy grail
The last god-king to rule the earth
Isis led him back to birth
Resurrection Osiris would rise
From Pisces reads a sign in the skies

The scope of perception had paved
A model as an allegory of the cave
Shadows instill realities in mind
They are reflections of a whole other kind
Desire and Delusion combine in me dangerously
Repulsion and clarity confine in you conscientiously

The cosmos’ crowning achievement brought
A consciousness creating capacity for thought
Mind before matter- this truth is now calling
This threshold promises a new day is dawning
As you approach one of life’s great crossroads
The whole universe holds its breath to see which way you choose

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