‘nation First, Always First' - Happy 75th Independence Day, India!

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‘Nation First! Always First! '

Our freedom came at stroke of twelve midnight-
On August Fifteen, One Nine Four Seven!
We Indians saw at tunnel's end, a light
Of freedom, dazzling, as if from heaven!

All Indians felt it was the happiest day,
Their sacred Motherland had ever seen;
Democracy became their newer way -
Alive in minds, hearts, spirit, soul, it's been!

Yet, freedom had a bloody price to pay!
Hundreds of freedom fighters' lives were lost;
What sufferings, sacrifices made that day!
Incredibly phenomenal, its cost!

Two hundred years of British rule was o'er!
Mahatma Gandhi led the arduous fight;
He proved that Indian was a peace-lover;
With tri-color unfurled, strange was that night!

The land resounded, ‘Vande Mataram'!
From Red Fort's ramparts, Nehru said, ‘We're freed! '
First time, Indians had breathed air of freedom;
Well planted was the Indian Freedom's seed!

Three score and fifteen years have rolled afree;
Our patriotism must increase much;
Democracy must not in pell-mell be;
Our country Bharat needs a Midas touch!

We've done so well in many fronts till now;
The life of common man must improve fast;
Amazed by feats, the world calls India, ‘Wow! '
Our unity must strong be like in past.

Discipline is the foremost need today;
We Indians love to live in peace with all;
Our heritage's, our pride and love, our way;
Togetherness is nation's clarion call!

Democracy is best way to govern;
Divides of every kind must vanish soon;
All ghastly crimes must meet punishments stern;
The country will remain on earth, a boon!

The hand that helps can also make a fist;
No foe beyond our borders dare steal land;
For wars, our youth will readily enlist;
Let goodly neighbors join the Indian band!

The world's arms-race must halt for lasting peace;
We'll pull out terrorism by its roots;
For progress, corruption must forthwith cease;
Let crops and trees grow well from Indian shoots.

Integrity is nation's main concern;
The love of country must afill hearts first;
Violence can't help us earn our bread or learn;
Let hearts for peaceful co-existence thirst!
Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Jai Bharathiya!

Happy 75th Independence Day to all Indians around the globe!
Dedicated to all Indians, freedom fighters and patriots!
Copyright by Dr John Celes 15-08-2021

Chinedu Dike 14 August 2021

Beautiful patriotic poem written to commemorate India's Independence Day. An insightful creation written in verse with rhythmic splendour. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Dr John Celes 15 August 2021

Thanks Dike for your most apt comment on my recent Indian Independence day poem

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