At First Sight Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

At First Sight

Rating: 4.9

Perceived love at first sight,
Provide vigour and might,
Against every odds, path right,
Never out of goal keeping in sight,

Always memorable in life,
Dreaming to make her partner or wife,
Ready to sacrifice anything and show,
Always attracted towards beauty and glow,

Wants to build steady trust and grow,
Ready to swim with the water and flow,
Not to miss any chance and offer,
All wishes for happiness and self suffer,

All consequences frighten and create panic,
Even feet too crumble with melody or music,
Thoughts travel faster than light,
Count the stars at dead night,

At such an age awful experience,
Wedding of all watching at fence,
No more kidding but sincere efforts,
Attending all calls from ship at ports,

Waiting for response immediately to follow,
Oh! but courage and strength will not allow,
Always thinking of steps to show her but how?
Attempts to be made not late but now,

All hopes dashing with the news of engagement,
When see all preparations of marriage and movements,
With heavy heart no love to express,
Some weakness in part ready to redress

Philip Winchester 30 September 2009

My first sight on this site of 'At First Sight' leaves me my friend with pure delight of the things you write.To Judge with all my might with my Poetic Right, To call you 'Friend' My kind regards perhaps you may see a charm in anothers Prose. Philip

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Jazza Bella 22 September 2009

I really enjoyed this piece thank you

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Intan Rianda 15 September 2009

great! lovely ^^ i like it 10 for you

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Sagarika Shah 07 September 2009

Always memorable in life, Dreaming to make her partner or wife, ...10

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Twinkle Vohra 07 September 2009

All consequences frighten and create panic, ..10

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Paresh Chakra 07 December 2018

I enjoyed reading this poem

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Jeff Pua 08 April 2010

this is good.. I enjoyed it..

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Monica Sevilla 23 February 2010

wow what a wonderful poem...

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Abby Keen/harris 11 February 2010

i like this :) its awesome! im a real sucker 4 poems like these

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Suraj Motiwala 19 January 2010

Nice one! :) enjoyed reading it.

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