Need To Feel Free For Now - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

Just because a girl is beautiful
Doesn't mean she is so inside
In nature sometimes beauty does betray
The truth does sometimes hide

She loves me
Her actions match her words
and shey says that she does
I care about her, just because

She said I helped her see things clear
That I helped her out of a dark place
and eased her loneliness and fear
But me, i'm just glad she's here

She greets me with warm hellos
and the most gentle and tender goobyes
and when she looks right at me
I can't miss the honesty in her eyes

She says she keeps a shirt I wore
And sleeps with it to feel close to me
She says don't worry, her care is free
I feel it touch me so tenderly

She says she's fragile
She depends much on me too
I see her as a gentle soul
And I never wish to make her feel blue

She never complains
and if she ever would she would apologize
I never been blessed to meet a girl like her
So protective of me, I realize

Maybe this is true love
Knocking at my door
A love that's so kind
More caring than anything before

But on the cusp of love so sweet
I feel the loser in my own defeat
I've thrown my heart at other's feet
I prayed to someday meet

There is a part of me that longs to be free
I run from superficiality and seek peace and harmony
But I happily give away a part of me
But shun bonds the seek formality

I wish that I could change my wandering heart
I wish I could give all of me and seek a fresh start
But she says for now she's happy with just a part
and says her prayer is just being glad I'm safe somewhere

I think about the feeling of her hair
Blowing in the breeze as it touches my cheek
I think about walking with here in the cool creek
By the waterfall with joy like children playing hide and seek

She so special, I just want her to see
I love her and she means so much to me
There's not many places I'd ever rather be
But somehow I need to feel free

This is the part I don't understand about me
and so it's not so easy to explain
The love I give to her is my gift to her
And not for my own selfish gain

Maybe that's what she's trying to say
with all her love and care, so true, so honest and so plain
Maybe she's trying to accept me for who I am
And I care about her just the same

There is no flower or thing more beautiful
than the beauty within a heart of gold
There is nothing that can be bought and sold
True care is everlasting and never grows old

I think I'll hold her closer the next time we meet
I care for her from her head down to her feet
So she will know without a word that I know she's there
and that my message of what I feel, can be found within my care

The world is better because of her
I tell her to give my love away
To others who need her along the way
Still her feelings for me don't seem to sway

The spirt of compassion lingers long after she goes
I remember her eyes and the way she wrinkles her nose
I guess when you care about someone much it shows
Like the intrinsic beauty of a Spring rose.....I guess love just gently flows

And in the end it's a mystery
Not one complicated or a game
Hearts and feelings are so diverse
But in the moment of love shared, we are somehow the same

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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