Omar Khoury

Never Again- From Auschwitz To Jerusalem - Poem by Omar Khoury

Mold grows on the brim of the fence
and amplifies morbidity to a certain extent:
Where millions had seen it as their last sight
The place they reluctantly ascend to the light

Wind whips ears with moans of the deceased
containing memories, begging to be released
The birds stop singing, the sun stops shining
To lament for those denied of reviving

Out in the horizon are the swaying trees,
Who see the oppressors with lives that they seize
Yet, they are outspoken, unheard, and unseen
And destined to keep silent: silently un-eased.

Doleful, and dismal, and dreary, and damp
And lifeless was the dehumanization camp
The departed souls remain with a story
And those who survive, survive with glory

'Never Again' Father Time once told those who were killed
But, 'Never Again' remains a promise to be fulfilled.

The mold on the fence transforms to retain
A concrete barrier that eternally reigns
And peace and justice, it is erasing
With the hopes of the children, of the war-torn nation

A snake, a serpent, peace it defaces
And slithers across the human races
The trees on one side mourns for its other,
And pity those humans, who mourn for their brother

The silenced wind sees not the tranquil trees,
And no longer can drift through Earth as it pleases
For, in its way, a horrid structures seizes
the path the wind has traveled for centuries

And the scorched Earth quietly cries
For its Sons and daughters, husbands and wives,
Who fall victim of hatred, their lives in demise
As they dropp to the ground, and look up to the skies

And the trees, sadly silenced and uprooted,
Carry the same message, but purposely muted
And remain unnoticed as it happens again
And under its breath, they recite, 'Never again.'

Amidst the chaos is the scream of death
The mountains roaring, the wind's cold breath
The bullets showering, the skies unrest,
Amongst disaster, no peace, no rest.

Bombs dropp as planes soar by
But we stand firm, so that the world hears our cry
And above our hearts we raise not shy:
My brave flag, my luminous light

And in the sky, it shines with height
Waving and dancing with thunderous might
An inspiration for all those in sight
To continue fighting, to continue their fight

But for those whose Creator abandons their will,
their will to survive, so Death He instills.
And for them, their ashes remain with a story
And those who survive, survive with glory

'Never Again' Father Time once told those who were killed
But, 'Never Again' remains a promise that must be fulfilled.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 22, 2012

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