Never Shall It There Be Experience Of Oppression By One Another By Another

Pride worthy of being low or lowered

Why rush and rush as if there is a knee jerking pain over your legs
Why do you have to give and owe your heart such a huge pain over thought and anger
Why don’t you lower yourself and maybe practice to lay down your body and work diligently to let opportunities manifest themselves
Are you a speed racer?
How many times it has been said that one must take one step at time because there is no need to rush.
Consider the time when you were young

There was a time when you could not see, speak or even responded to what it has been asked
Positions and positions were there
When you enjoy doing things for the children until you left teenage stage
You left all youthful subcultures and recognized that your time to become brother and sister has come
It did not shout out and ask you to take over it and you did not seek and dreaming of it
It was a position that was pursued because it was a period of it time
There is nothing more important than an idea whose time has come.
The time of motherhood and fatherhood did indeed come and you adopt it
There is also a tome whereby you will have to become a grandmother and grandfather.
No one will tell you but you will begin to see for yourself that such time has finally come
Not to forget about death and anytime far yonder

So why now
I speaking to you over my politician who don’t like to step down from your positions
When you were given to them you accepted with gleefulness
You praised lord and you smiled and feel glorified
But when there is time to step down you feel like being left by God or buried alive
There is nothing wrong with change in positions
Let me take your before the world existence
He Himself Lord was never no very high
He lived in the darkness and still humbled
He had a hope that maybe one day he has to discover he who IS
With hope and faith he did discover himself
Eventually he was able to call light out of darkness
With his power he commanded the water to move aside so that there appears this world
Eventually he made me and you.
He said that we must dominate all over what available on this universe because we are in his image
But today we don’t do that
Instead we have decided to use political positions as the weapon to bring about disgusting lies and even allow devil to reign among us
Yesterday we declare that we shall be unified and live freedom
That is when my leaders were being given the positions
But when it is time to move out of these positions leaders begin to raise up racial issues
I said there is nothing wrong with changes and we must accept then
There should not be said that new brooms sweep clean
There was a time when the World was connected together as one
Millions and millions years ago this world begin to move apart
All of that was power of bringing about changes
So tell me my politician, why do you oppose changes
Now people are thrown into confusion and they don’t know whether they are going to hell or heaven because of you troubles
Don’t you think that the blood spilled during all days of liberation struggles is enough?
So why do you use race as a weapon to target extended reign
Why should you role forever
Why don’t you feel like to give others a position and see what is new they have to bring with them
I have one last message for you
I am not as much as yet God or perfect Christian
But I am afraid of God
Because I believe it is him who command people to give you power to reign
And when it time for you to end you must and
For God live inside people’s soul and he control their feeling and desires
Remember when a men was sent by God at Nineveh
Ad chose to go to where he like
God took him out of ship and throw him to the sea
Fortunately he delivered a fish to swallow him and bring him over lands
Do you understand what lucky is; that was absolutely lucky
What about you
Whom are you serving?
I am afraid to say that it will be better for you to die than to wait until God embarrass you
It will be like it had never before had been Hitler who genocides to the Jews and eventually commit his own suicide
It would be like it has never been
It will be like it had never been Britain the world’s leading economic giant
It will be like it had never been communism with its anti-moral anecdotes which were eventually succeeded by capitalism
It will be like it had never been World Wars

By that time you will see world goes away from you
You will feel like to live in exile and wearing musk like Spiderman
Yes pride must abide: Pride has its pride lowers
You are solution
You need to accept that time has come for you to step down
You will retreat and get greatest honor rather than hatred and death and even death after death
My African leaders My African Leaders
This land is a historical site
It was there has been never been a NAZI German and or South African National Party
After that you will kiss the world goodbye
And your features of apartheid will have been completely destroyed
Because when the keystone spice which support particular plant growth subside dies the whole environment around the area is subjected to die
The South African environment will be a better stay again
We will begin to remember what the meaning of the word Rainbow Country was
We will begin to respect and even afraid of them
We will run from street to street praising the Lord for showing us who he is and how he like this world to be governed
We will begin to no the difference between true case and artificial cases
Nobel Peace Price will be highly honored
True sense of unity will be enforced and those who rebel it will lost significance in the history
Those words from Mandela will come back as if there are being said for the first time
Never again shall be there an experience of oppression by one another by one another
Never shall be there be racial divisions battles based on discrimination roles
The blood spilled during liberation struggle will be remembered have its true meaning
For what political parties have done God will take away power on hands of political parties
The religion shall reign forever and ever

Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 12, 2008

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