'New Life'


“NEW LIFE” is given to us by GOD.
The changes we need to make is our job.
We ask HIS forgiveness with tears in our eyes.
If we had only listened when HE heard our cries.
HE forgives us of the wrong we do.
Asks us to forgive others too.

This special gift of a second chance.
GOD gives over and over to us.
In our lives a seed of faith HE plants.
In HIS hands our lives we trust.

Some think HE’S only a myth.
HIS story in the Bible is not true.
They think they have it all figured out.
But if they only knew!

There are so many special times.
HE has spent with these special ones.
If only they had known HIM when their life HE began.
How much better would their lives have been?

All this time they have wondered around.
Wondering why the world keeps knocking them to the ground.
Filling their lives with alcohol. sex, stealing and morbid sounds.

From the beginning of sunrise till sunsets glow.
We are made in HIS image, HE loves us so.
If these stray lambs only knew HIM.
Their lives in HIS hands they would trust.

In HIS image HE made us.
From dust we shall remain.
For in the Bible HE tells us.
Our bodies HIS Earth shall reclaim.

We are HIS children, HE shows us right from wrong.
But the road we choose to walk down is our own.
Some are taught about HIM when only a baby.
Other’s have to find HIM in their own way.

But once they have found HIM.
They do GOD’S work and try never to stray.
But others never find HIM.
Their journey is to do it “their” way.
So when you think of our Father from Heaven above.
Remember we are here to help spread HIS love.