We Will Always Remember

“We Will Always Remember”

Memories of you remain with us,
You walk by our side everyday.
Those cherished memories never fade,
For they were made just yesterday.

Our thoughts of you will live on,
Because, a friend’s never really gone.
Those of you that are not here today,
Can never be more than a thought away.
But, as long as we have those memories,
Forever in our hearts you will stay.

Can’t see, touch you or hear your voice.
Your absence today wasn’t by choice.
It’s true you’re like a cherished gem
Your treasured memory will never dim.
Still loved, still missed and very dear
Thoughts of you heighten during reunion year.

There was no time to say goodbye.
You were gone before we knew.
In a future reunion we shall meet again,
We will keep you in our hearts till then.

May these balloons lift softly into Heavens light.
A gentle dance of Red and Blue take flight.
A reminder of the lives you touched.
Memories made that mean so much.
We gather today from far and near.
Remembering you this 40th year.

We love and miss you
Class of 69
June 6,2009
Patricia Haynes Schneider