“the Promise He Made”

How far am I?
How close are you?
What GOD told us about Heaven?
It will be true!
In the Book of Life our names are on file.
When we meet again we’ll walk together mile by mile.
As I stand there and wait.
I’ll finally get to see your smile.
When I meet you at the “Golden Gates.”
You will be served God’s peace on a silver plate.
Although the journey on Earth will seem like miles.
Our destiny will be worthwhile.
The promises you made, and mine to you.
Our love for each other will always be true.
Although we had a lot of work to do.
Through lightning and thunder, I could love no other.
There is another love in our life..Jesus is the other man.
HE gently comforts when no other can.
HE slowly carries us through with a loving hand.
Stronger than yours, stronger than mine.
We see the light as we walk to the line.
When we’re finally there we wait and see.
Who will be with God till eternity.
It’s not that HE picks and chooses.
HE knows who we are.
HE has walked in our shoes.
And carried us many a mile.
It’s how we have lived our lives.
If we win the victory or lose.
When HE calls us home we will pay our dues.
Life everlasting is what it will be.
Living our life with God till eternity! (eternally)
Patricia A. Schneider