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New Life Today. - Poem by Azriel Dreams

There’s an old warm wind that brushes me each time we clashed
Showing me this new life today

Can change bring two paths as one or one path veered to one again; no it can not.

Questions amidst inner demons singing for a reign to bring old feelings of winds of change unwanted by one and an unwanted one now. It was just another mistake is all?

Where were that journey which was new and the pact that expired which could stand any test in time or
Agendas unknown; not here in my new life today.

A New Life today shudders with no choices in Freedom bounding to make an inevitable change of stances that shake platforms not solid but carried aloft and free. Freedom is awesome and choices are good. I am free and happier today.

Why is this New Life Today?

What is this New Life Today?

Uncontrolled and recoiling with a dream bursting with old sounds in the imagined imagination imagery of unrealities forgotten. Pushed aside and shredded after unpacking.

The light of reasoning sees that a choice taken separately was not a choice of my choosing that has produced, this 'New Life Today'.

To be felt attractive again, one's esteem to bloom again, to walk again with friends supportive and not look at your watch or think of home again. This is a New Life Today again.

No one wins but one can lose more and in my New Life Today again; I feel it is not me. No joy or comfort it is in thoughts of what could be or should be; cast off the shards of control in my New Life Today.

Just to laugh again, to fly and soar again, to not look over my shoulder again, to talk freely as I would again, in My New Life Today.

Do you think; I don't have to I see my New Life Today again. I don't look back, I have. I go forward and won't look back too much; I am looking forward to a New Life Today again.

This time, this time and again I see why things happen for a reason again in my New Life Today. It's been worse and its better now than later so I am grateful for I will be happy again in my New Life Today.

The eyes smile, my heart sings and I realise I am beginning to be Happy again in my New Life Today again.


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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 10, 2010

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