New York Poem by Wildwood Slim

New York

Rating: 4.3

New York, I walked your streets today,
I meshed with your moving crowd,
I felt in awe at the relentless motion,
I saw your people, purposeful, proud.

New York, I saw your skyline high;
I felt the pulse of your subways veins,
I noted its pause at Ground Zero;
New York, I felt your pain.

New York, I stood where two towers once did,
With their pinnacles reaching the sky -
There for a moment I bowed my head,
And I cried a silent cry.

New York, I prayed a silent prayer
As I thought of thousands, stumbling, blind;
My prayer was not for those that died,
But – for the ones left behind.

New York, we stopped at Battery Park,
And noted the icon “Peace”
That stood thru the fall of the Trade Center,
Shall wonders never cease?

New York, this emblem though bent and torn,
Yet stands for Peace, uncowed;
May you treasure for what this icon stands,
May you endure, with your spires proud.

New York, I entered the building,
You call the Empire State –
Where you see the city for miles around,
And the millions you populate.

New York, we saw your artists perform,
Along the street and park,
And I marveled at the talents expressed;
As we traveled home in the dark.

New York, I saw your Liberty Statue,
Standing, with torch held high,
Shining it’s light out over your waters,
May your liberty never die.

New York, we rode your yellow taxi,
Away, from your sparkling bay,
Where we had gone to see your ships,
And toured the J.F.K.

New York, I won’t walk your streets again;
For the miles, hold us apart:
But always your image will imprinted be,
In the recess of my heart!

Uriah Hamilton 09 June 2005

A very good poem, slim.

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