Uriah Hamilton

A writer in search of the right word combinations to capture beauty and truth. The trail of beauty he is following begins with King David watching a woman bathe across a rooftop and then fasting for a dying child, then to Walt Whitman making poetic long lines with Emersonian ideas while saluting prostitutes, then to Paul Verlaine shooting the young ...
Popular Poems
A Different Sky Is Waiting
We’ve been in the rain so long
That our eyes are sore and red;
When joy is missing,
We gaze down too long at our feet
A Stranded Girl On A Friday Night
She was weeping when we met
Outside a party store
Where the lonely purchase their wine;
Her boyfriend had left her behind
A Lush For Your Love
I would give up drinking
To be drunk with your perfume
On a summer night
With the sea breeze singing
A Dreamscape Of Love
I still find comfort
In the soft caress
Of the moonlight’s
Tender glow
A Little Girl Lost
Abandoned to sadistic streets,
A school room of sullen tears,
A little girl lost beneath
A blanket of rejection and fears


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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
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Winter 30 May 2014
Your beauty and your sweetness shines forth with each wistful lyric dear poet who is all the more magical for being a prince who only feels too keenly to think of himself as anything but a frog. It's the affliction of the creative.
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Ric D 24 April 2008
Uriah was a VG writer at age 11 from what I recall and has grown continually too this day. Glad to have had the pleasure of knowing such a quality person. He used to play guitar as well btw(SG) .
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Bell Song 26 June 2007
Undeniably the finest poet on this site.
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Jerry Hughes 13 January 2007
Uriah, you are writing as well as ever, if a bit sadly. Fondly, Jerry
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Sallie Howson 03 October 2006
just spent the evening meandering through your wonderful poetry..thank you
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Rose Noir 05 September 2006
Uriah, I have been reading some of your verse. You have such a unique voice, your sensibility is original with flashes of brilliance.
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Ebone' Ingram 19 August 2006
amazing barely begins to describe you. if you hadn't sent me that message, i would've never read your intoxicating words...now i'm addicted to your poetry...and i have about 250 more to read, so i guess i'll get that fix after all. :) oh, by the way, three or four of your masterpieces have magically appeared in my fav's list...mufufufufufuuu *evil laughter* you can read some of my stuff and see how bad it is compared to yours... see you around, eni da kid
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Will Barber 26 July 2006
A portrait of Mr. Hamilton is worth ten U.S. dollars. Cumulatively, you may consider his word-portraits as approximately: priceless.
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Shannon Chapel 30 January 2006
Uriah, You have a resplendent spirit. Your beauty blinds us - illuminating the far reaches of our tortured souls to reveal the hope that cautiously lingers there. I've come to admire you as a poet and love you as a person. You have affected me in ways words cannot express, and this old heart will never be the same. I am honored and humbled to call you my friend. With much love and respect, Shannon
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Ivy Christou 24 November 2005
sometimes you get to know people through their poetry and some others through the kind comments. You write magnificent pieces that can pierce any heart, you are talented Uriah, very talented! And you are a compassionate person, caring and loving. People like you are ment to be happy but it may take a while just to make your wings stronger :) take care HBH
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Mary Nagy 18 November 2005
Uriah, I have to comment again......I have grown to care so much for you! You are a treasure and I am so glad we've bumped into eachother here. I will always care about you and hold a special place for you in my heart. I hope you find happiness because I don't know anyone that deserves it more! Your friend always, Mary
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Lori Boulard 16 November 2005
Uriah, I first noticed you because of your thoughtful comments, but I must say that the more you write, the more I want to read! Your style is refining and the imagery just gets better...even dappled with occasional optimism! Keep up the good work, and for what it's worth, I hope someday you get the girl.
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Joy Vanderhelm 14 November 2005
Your poetry is so honest and touching. Such compassion makes me think there is hope for even the most low of creatures to find peace. I only hope to come within a fraction of your talent. You are a master of the written word.
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Susan Alldred-lugton 17 September 2005
Uriah the compassionate poet: reads absorbs and takes the time to comment
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Adriana Cruz 07 September 2005
of all the poets on this website, i value most yours and tiffany etter's work and your constant positive support you give in all the comments you leave me. thank you so much, uriah.
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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 24 August 2005
You are always very sweet in everything you post. I do love reading your poems...especially when you first post them. You are a wonderful poet and man.
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you have written some fantastic and enviable work. the fact that you enjoy my ramblings is beyond me, but i do appreciate the encouragement! They say times are hard, if you don't believe it You can just follow your nose It don't bother me - times are hard everywhere We'll just have to see how it goes (b.d.) Jake
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