Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Newtown - Poem by Justin Reamer

The beautiful city of Newtown,
The city in Connecticut,
How great it was,
And how beautiful,
And how the innocent children
Were enjoying themselves
In the elementary school,
And the kindergarteners, especially,
For they were enjoying childhood,
Standing in their own innocence and naivete.
It was a normal day for everyone,
And everything was bright,
But then something bad happened this day,
In which we will remember.

A boy came into the school,
A teacher's son,
It is said,
And came with two revolvers,
Both in his hands,
And he shot everyone he came across,
Every little boy who was looking in his locker,
Every little girl who was using the hall pass,
And every child who was going to
Or returning from the washroom.
They all fell dead,
Amidst other students who wandered the hallway,
And he then shot the teachers who tried
To prevent him,
And shouted and screamed,
As they screamed in pain,
And he came upon the kindergarten classroom,
Burst open the door,
As the door crashed and slammed into the wall,
And the hinges came loose.

He looked at his mother and grimaced,
His pain and his hatred were shown in his face,
Especially as his mother looked
Upon him with fear,
With tears in her eyes,
Begging him not to do this,
Kneeling on her knees,
Pleading with him,
Begging him,
But the son did not listen,
And presumed with his actions.

He pulled the trigger,
And shot every child and adult in the room,
All of the innocent children,
Every boy and girl, that is,
Who had done nothing wrong,
And all the adults in the room.
The children fell,
Limp on the floor,
Lying flat on their faces,
Blood coming out of their little bodies,
Like angels who were stabbed out of anger,
And the adults lay limp,
And flat,
And lay on wherever they fell,
And all of their blood poured from
Their corpses,
And their faces expressed pain,
Which appeared after they had little time to react.

The mother then looked at her son,
For she was still alive and pleaded with him,
'Son, please don't do this,
I do not know why you have done this,
But do not kill anymore,
For you are much better than this,
And I love you,
And you know it to be true,
For I have always loved you,
And will love you all the time.
Son, save lives,
And do not kill anyone else,
I beg you,
Please remember who you are,
And please spare all the others'
Lives, and mine,
As well.
What have I done to you?
What have they done to you?
To deserve anything like this? '

The son looked at his mother and said,
'Mother, you betrayed me,
My father left me,
And you let me suffer,
For all you cared about were your stupid students,
And I had no one to care for me,
Especially as everyone teased me
And gave me a hard time.
I faced so much prejudice,
And so much hardship,
That no one ever understood me,
And I was always the scapegoat,
And humanity wronged me in every way,
But now, it is I who take revenge on humanity,
The beings that deem me imperfect,
And have ruined my life entirely,
And that will start with you,
For you never loved me and
Were too selfish to ever listen to my problems,
And now you will pay along with everyone else
In this cursed school,
Where I was persecuted for so long.'

The mother pleaded with her son,
But he would not listen,
And so he took the pistol,
Aimed it at his pleading mother,
Who wept and sobbed with every ounce of her soul,
And pulled the trigger,
Making her fall limp on the ground,
Her face expressing pain and sorrow
As she lay dead on the floor.

The son then said,
'Now that I have received my revenge,
There is no point in living,
Because this world is imperfect,
And I shall never see another happy day,
And those that have cursed me,
They shall be the bane of humanity,
For they will suffer more than what I have,
And life is bleak,
And love is no more,
For there is no point in living,
So in this,
I shall die,
And bid Death his welcome.'

Here, he put the revolver to his head,
And wept bitterly as his shaking hand
Pushed closer the nozzle that would be his murderer,
And the hand pushed closer,
Shaking violently,
And pulled the trigger,
Leaving a hole in his head,
And making the son fall limp
To the floor,
His corpse dropping in utter tragedy.

Once the police came in,
They found the son, his mother,
And all the victims all dead
Because of the homicide-suicide
That was committed there.
They analysed it,
But found nothing to be said.

As for Newtown,
We will remember this day,
As we do Columbine,
Which happened 13 years ago,
And will always be remembered in our hearts.
May all those who died martyred
And innocent deaths
Be remembered today,
And may they be welcomed into heaven,
Where the Father can bring them
Into His Kingdom,
Where they can be saved,
And rest in peace.

We will remember this day,
As we do 9/11,
And Columbine,
And everything else,
For we will never forget this tragedy,
And 'twill always be in our hearts.

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