Daniella Lujan

Rookie (November 6,1988. / Pirmasins, Germany)

-ni Te Odio, Por Que No Me Importas- - Poem by Daniella Lujan

My anger is an unspeakable thing;
It curls and grates like the Furies themselves-
But I never show you…
I hide from it.

As if negating its existence can take away the pain,
The fulminating ire that nearly burns with vengeance-
But dies with torpid silence.

Don’t trust me when I’m quiet-
For then my thoughts are black.

And like Hades in his shady smile,
That tricked Persephone with a pomegranate,
My ruse is just as smite.

I smile when I’m happy, I smile when I’m not-
I yell when I am irritated and I can kill when I don’t cry out-
Twin moons form in the palm of my hands,
Blood drips down.

Garnet tears fall upon my skin and languish in perturbed silence.
And then I strike.
When I am smiling.
When I am not.

You see me clench my hands-
But you don’t know me.
You think you do, but even I don’t know.
For this anger is an irrational thing,

It grows and ferments like toxic fumes,
Before the braze of resentment snuffs it out…
My culpability.
And then beware,
For I don’t care.

I see you bleeding with a detached eye,
I see you dying as my hands squeeze tight,
And I don’t care.
You’re nothing to me,

A thing, without form or with form.
I no longer care.
You die.
Your eyes roll back and your hand twitches.
I find that interesting.

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