Night Funeral In Harlem Poem by Langston Hughes

Night Funeral In Harlem

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Night funeral
In Harlem:

Where did they get
Them two fine cars?

Insurance man, he did not pay--
His insurance lapsed the other day--
Yet they got a satin box
for his head to lay.

Night funeral
In Harlem:

Who was it sent
That wreath of flowers?

Them flowers came
from that poor boy's friends--
They'll want flowers, too,
When they meet their ends.

Night funeral
in Harlem:

Who preached that
Black boy to his grave?

Old preacher man
Preached that boy away--
Charged Five Dollars
His girl friend had to pay.

Night funeral
In Harlem:

When it was all over
And the lid shut on his head
and the organ had done played
and the last prayers been said
and six pallbearers
Carried him out for dead
And off down Lenox Avenue
That long black hearse done sped,
The street light
At his corner
Shined just like a tear--
That boy that they was mournin'
Was so dear, so dear
To them folks that brought the flowers,
To that girl who paid the preacher man--
It was all their tears that made
That poor boy's
Funeral grand.

Night funeral
In Harlem.

Mel Vincent Basconcillo 30 April 2009

this is really touching and heart rendering..amazing thoughts

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Kelsey Wills 01 February 2007

I think it's really cool how this poem points out that your status in life isn't important, but how many who love you and you love is.

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Kathryn Thomas 23 January 2005

I love this poem...It jerks at my heart with pictures so vivid it was like you were actually there!

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Ratnakar Mandlik 23 September 2016

A most touching poem displaying great efforts taken by the poor loved ones to make the departure for heavenly abode a grand memory.

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it is I 25 June 2020

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Michael Walker 25 July 2019

I am moved by sadness when I read 'Night Funeral in Harlem'. Genuine empathy, compassion for the negro boy's funeral.

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Is Momo Real? ? 18 March 2019


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New York B 30 April 2018

I feel ya b this poem is brick

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Kevin Taylor 07 March 2018

Master work, masterpiece.

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