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To tribute to your kindness
In words is not enough
To tell of your caring
For me and others is wasting time

A rose is a rose
Unless you look at it closely
And discover its soul
See it's deepest fears


Every day's the same
Every day a new me
Can you guess
Who I am today

Fresh cut grass after a rain;
A rainbow in the sky;
Doves cooing their beautiful songs;
Baby birds chirping for food;


Through bad and good
You've always been there
To help us out and
Give us a smile to

All alone in this world
No one to turn to
No one to talk to
A needle among many

The voices of our world
Are slowly fading away
Day by day

Always lend an ear when you
Need a friend to listen to your
Groaning and griping and
Eagerly give you advice about

My wings
Where did they go?
They’re shrinking
They’re cramping in pain

Will you be there through it all?
Will you catch me when I fall?
All these years I've waited
Just to see your face

You looked into my soul
And figured out who I was
You captivated my heart
And taught me how sing

I feel you next to me
As I cry beneath the willow
These tears are not of sorrow
Nor pain, despair

I save my smiles
For now is not the time
To be smiling

For one year you loved me
You held my hand
You kissed me
You held me

Could you love me
With these flaws and imperfections
That tear my soul to shreds
And murder those around me

I'm walking into oblivion
With nothing but my thoughts
To keep me company
I'm thinking about the

Echoes of the past
Ringing through my head
Flashes of memories
Playing across my face

You were someone I could talk to
When no one would hear me out
When no one would stay
When I said 'Hey! '

Crimson snow
Is all they see
That’s all they remember
Of Mary


How could something
So complicated
Have such a simple name

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I'm a student at a HS in Ypsilanti. I first discovered I loved to write in the 3rd grade when one of our assignments was to write a story about anything we wanted to. I wrote a poem on how to get to the center of the earth in 7 easy steps. It was a major hit. At that time I didn't realize I loved it so much...I guess it was because I was forced to do it. When I write, it has to come from the heart and not from an assignment I have to do, ya know? !)

The Best Poem Of Kathryn Thomas

A Tribute To A Brother

To tribute to your kindness
In words is not enough
To tell of your caring
For me and others is wasting time
To a dear brother of mine
To bridge a gap so wide
As to let me into your heart
When I don’t even know mine

This tribute to you
My brother
My friend
My family
In love you conquer hate
And within these ugly times
You conquer them with beauty
This tribute to my brother ends
But always will remain true

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Samuel Hayes 09 May 2006

hey kat stay strong and keep writing!

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Samuel Hayes 09 May 2006

hey kathryn stay strong and keep writing!

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Kathryn Thomas Popularity

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