Wendelin Weird

Night Sky - Poem by Wendelin Weird

An endless expansion of velvety black, an unsurpassed beauty, matched only by the radiance of a glowing full moon and uncountable stars. They light up the sky, creating the illusion of a day where the moon replaces the sun, the moon remains the primary source of light; it blanches its surroundings in a pale wash, while creating new hues that appear so stunning that no soul would dare call them dull. It emits a white light that is both blinding yet dim, both relaxing yet energizing, it unravels mysteries yet keeps secrets, and its light throws the hard lines of bare trees into relief while at the same time blurring the edges of flowers and cats till you can just make out the faintest silhouette. The stars lay scattered across the deep black; that so quickly transitions to pale pinks and blues as the sun continues its cycle, they twinkle with a type of comfort only nature can produce, a comfort that can be so hypnotizing you just might loose yourself in imaging the stories these stars could tell with their years of looking over the world, from the smallest town in London to the vastest mountains of Peru. The night sky appears a starry abyss which aids us in looking to the past for experiences and to the future for answers, answers to mysteries that will most likely forever remain locked away in the silent tomb of time.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Poem Edited: Friday, April 16, 2010

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