Wendelin Weird

Wendelin Weird Poems

1. Life 9/30/2009
2. My Life 9/30/2009
3. Night Sky 12/8/2009
4. Moments For Granted 12/8/2009
5. Pixilated Memories 4/24/2010
6. What Will It Take /3 4/29/2010
7. Mandkind Vs. Nature 4/24/2010
8. I'Ve Had Enough 9/14/2010
9. Blurred Reflection 10/4/2010
10. What Is Best For Me? 4/24/2010
11. 3 Forgotten Hearts 3 9/30/2009
12. Friends 9/30/2009
13. This I Believe 8/7/2011
14. Crushed 9/30/2009
15. Emotions 9/30/2009
16. Forbiden Daydreams 10/10/2009

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Best Poem of Wendelin Weird

Forbiden Daydreams

Late at night she feels down
She thinks of the one that can lift her frown
he remains clueless to the joy he can bring
just if he says hi makes her want to sing.
she sent him a text and waited in vain
how could no reply inflict so much pain?
she stayed up just in case he might respond
her thoughts began to drift into the beyond
images of stolen moments together just sitting alone
walking hand and hand into a forest unknown
spinning and dipping at the dance
nothing could stop their true romance
She woke up from the daydreams and let out a sigh
'He will ...

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They are there for you
Even when you are not there for yourself
They make you smile when you feel bereft
They create fond memories
To look back on when you need to cheer up
They become as vital to your day
As the sun and moon
They comfort you with hugs
And embrace you with consoling words

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