Shreej k.c

Nightmare - Poem by Shreej k.c

Out shines the world
in she stays in her mundane mold
musing her own verses in composure
when she feels a sudden tap on shoulder.

She shrugs off by reflex-'who are you? '
sunny eyes, cunning smile, replies the Stranger
'You should have known at first sight, Angel!
I am your fate. I apologise I'm a bit late.'

She frowns at the certitude, looks with disdain
'You seem fair only I don't credit to preordain
I should thank you enough though
to a different story I pertain.'

The Stranger chuckles at her declaration
'May I Princess hear the tale you seek
fighting tears, biting chances
let me see the myth you speak.'

Sparkling her eyes, she points-'there! '
at a fading evanescence sticking out its tongue.
The Stranger now lets out a derisive laughter
'I see nothing but your illusion, I fear! '

The dual mockery leaves her pained, constrained
Oh! why does one not cease simply choked
by this lump, gripping chest, grimly stroked.
Her gaze falls over a sharp knife lain on table
she then lengthens her slender wrist toward
closes her eyes. No, she ain't a coward!

Heaving breath, bathed in sweat, shivering she springs
out of nightmare, staring vacant, as if reality brings.
She stops hoping, wishing, praying; Numb; no stir
Fate! is she to surrender? !

Topic(s) of this poem: dream, fate, nightmares

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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