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No Need To Changeits For You - Poem by Guarded Heart

You are different from the man i once knew
You don't seem like the person
I fell in love with so many months ago
Because it was months ago, though you'd never knew
You never saw it, if you did you ignored it
And it is that same love that allows me to go through it
To put up with it, i still have hope that its just a phase
That i'm going to wake up one day and you'll be back
You'll look at me and see someone who cares
Someone thats still there and will always be here
I'm tired of shedding these tears in your name
I want you to hold me and if you still love me, then tell me
I never wanted to change you, i only tease you

You've been through alot and thats fine
It's what you go through that makes you
I don't know what i ever did to hurt you
That your manner towards me has changed
You don't look at me the same, you don't look at me at all
So many would curse your name for what they've seen you do
What they've seen me go through for you, they want me to leave you
They tell me this is normal for you, you've done this to others
That your never going to stop and that it'll always be this way

But heres a secret they don't know, they don't know you like i do
And you would say that i don't know you either, but listen well
Theres a part of you i've seen, a part that dreams
A part that has hope for a future away from this hell
I know your not heartless, for i've seen your heart
I know you can love and be someone

But your life has changed
And it has changed you
You've lost your way, and i feel i've lost you
Please don't think i'm complaining but I still see glimpses of you
Glimpses of the you i once knew
Therefore i know your still in there waiting behind some mask
And thats fine, sometimes its better to wear the face
But you don't need to in this place
When you're with me, theres no need to change

>my darling, if you read this, know that i mean no offense. Take these words, heed them if you wish, and contemplate them. I never wanted you to change, i truly am sorry. i know of no way to make it better. I don't what wrong i have done to make you hate me so. I love you<

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