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No Role Models - Poem by kfm Productions

I'm from Intabazwe location. /
In Free State and the 'ngblome lokshin' /
My location is surrounded by discrimination, to be honest i'm not really proud of where i come from hence, i'll never show my appreciation. /
If you have a dream they will kill it like abortion. /
Instead of giving you the motivation. /
No matter the situation from what i witness coz we have no vision. /
Hence, it's easy to lose direction. /
Because of peer pressure we end up indulging ourselves to what we call temptation. /
Some of us have good plans for the nation, but we end up dying young as there's no reconciliation, inspiration, appreciation & motivation. /
I'm bleeding emotionally, mentally & physically coz we have no role models, hence there's no solution. /
Compared to other places we are swimming in a pool of humiliation. /

Who can we look up to as the young up & coming generation? /
Where are the role models...somebody please provide an answer to my question. /
Shame is what i witness from your reaction. /
Why coz i've been watching every step from your action. /
In each & every occasion... /
You are dreamless, careless & reckless please don't get me wrong coz i judge from your facial expression. /
Even though i'm not god coz i believe only god can judge. /
In bad activities you do indulge?
And this are the reasons why we having criminals with murders. /
Beggars can't be choosers so we'll end up being the losers. /
I put my faith to my leader his name is Jesus. /
Yes, i believe he's the only one who can help me to focus. /
You can blame, claim or judge me all you want but i'll never give up coz i belong in the world of winners. /
We are the goal getters so no-one can stop us. /
We famous because they feel us. /

' Ngblome lokshin': This is where i live or come from.

Author: Koena France Mokoena

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 12, 2010

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