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Nobody's Going To Teach You - Poem by Luke Easter

Which foot is 1st to move in the desert heat?
With it's burning pain only again to repeat,
How can the scorching rays emotionally soothe?
A star falling from the barren sky isn’t news.

Not to catch before it's broken and scattered,
No stopping life's hurt before it’s shattered,
Can I make a knot and keep in the secret dark?
Nobody's going to teach you so why even start?

When the beauty of death roams around your soul,
To unlock your heart might you or another know?
Treating the desolation as your loving fiancée,
Are you sure you can or is it only that you may?

The foundation is rocked, as all dreams will be,
Ah, there’s a difference maker between you & me,
I believe my steps are governed only by my faith,
So, I’ll not be moved by how long I have to wait.

Neither will I let another declare it’s over & done,
Good friends to the very end you’ll always be Chum,
Yet, I simply cannot allow your version to display,
Nor allow the circumstances to dictate what to say.

Why should I let another determine, I have His word?
Doesn’t matter what you think but the voice I heard,
“Relax, don’t get upset” as though it was yesterday,
See I can loose only by throwing my confidence away.

And in the midst of all doubt I will secure the latch,
Never to allow the egg filled with unbelief to hatch,
This seemingly, never ending itch no one can scratch,
Birth naturalizes from conflict I’m thankful for that.

What mother cries out after the delivery’s been made?
The time of testing is not on the beach in the shade,
Satisfied in the cocoons safety it won’t materialize,
Only through struggle is the caterpillar a butterfly.

The blast from the mountain, ash spewing, unconfused,
Surrounded by the volcano’s lava I will not be moved,
Because there is an unconditional love from the One,
Creator of heaven & earth, He gives light to the Sun.

A Salmon swims up stream amid the elements to spawn,
Although a most treacherous journey life must move on,
The good news is we have Salmon throughout the year,
I also recreate even when walking along a river of tears.

You might say that I am presumptuous for being so bold,
Declaring I cannot be taught means neither can I be told,
On what grounds dare I claim this or without proof stand?
By word of the Father whom alone breathed life into man.

Yes! It is getting hotter with each painful step,
However, the promises of God I will never forget,
No matter how deep the burns I’ll make it through,
You’re right to say, “Nobody’s going to teach you.”

w/Nimal Dunuhinga

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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