Not Same Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Not Same

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I look at mirror and find
The persons seems unkind
Totally unknown
Even though it is my reflection

"Mirror reflects original"
Imitation finds quick dismissal
You can see what is real
To think in mind and feel

But am I the same?
I reject and blame
The mirror may be faulty
I am not that much ugly

Even though I am unfair
Heart is also unclear
People are not aware about this fact
I go for an illusory act

I saw in mirror
That was with error
It was me physically
But not same in reality

I looked what I was not
It was impression wrongly caught
I stared in disbelief
It provided no relief


I look at mirror and find The persons seems unkind

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welcome rohani daud Just now · Unlike · 1

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Self Reflection Reava Nuecome7 minutes ago This poem delves in to the self. Looking at and chastising the self for character flaws steering it to the right path through words. Comment +1

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Very good. Eli Damron9 minutes ago Good flow.

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Ok Rowdy Yates8 minutes ago I didn't feel the rhythm in the poem. Comment +1

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Good Anthony Moss9 minutes ago I liked it

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