Not Same Again Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Not Same Again

Rating: 3.5

I wish not to be same again
I too wish it not to regain
Let old thoughts pass away
Let me find new way
Something new is lying few more miles
I should try for it in not less than few minutes

The nights are dark and very deadly
I roam here and there very sadly
She has failed to deliver single message
She had promised last time in written page
I believe in what could not be believed
I feel some aggravation yet pain is not relieved

I don’t what she may be fighting at her hideout
I am also not sure when she will think fit to venture out
I have only one desire now to express it in clear terms
It will be rightly placed as soon as she rightly turns
I will not ask her how much I have suffered in her wait
But certainly I shall tell her it is not the fault of fate

I need her warmth and close association
Though the relation had progressed at my initiation
She had seen the reason behind and readily consented
I had no reason to disbelieve her and never resented
I take it as heavenly sent chance and to be enjoyed
I should do nothing that can leave her bad mood or annoyed

She once confided once what I would do in case of her desertion
It had taken me back for a while and lost the concentration
It made me thinking through out the remaining day
It pushed me to think many things not to slide her away
She must be joking to test the patience and tolerance
It had nothing to with present context and had no relevance

It created a ripples in calm water and truly disturbed
It was only the day before she had helped for rumors to be curbed
I got no wind of her intended sense of humor and warning
I still remained perturbed as the situation was totally turning
I may be able extinguish the burning fire and not to turn in ashes
After all it was our combined dream and definitely lasting wish

I wish she does not change her views at nick of the hours
It will prove as nails in dreamland and relation may sour
I wait eagerly at the last bell of warning somewhere from distance
Her mild foot steps are heard finally heading towards me at once
She is with the dimly lit lanterns and walking with caution
I am closing eyes at once in disbelief and grieved with emotions

Sachin Goswami 20 February 2011

Let me find new way....10

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 17 February 2011

I wish not to be same again I too wish it not to regain Let old thoughts pass away Let me find new way

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