Nothing, Nothing At All Poem by sav jamison

Nothing, Nothing At All

you don't know what it feels like
to be dying on the inside
to be hurting on the outside
to be nothing, nothing at all

days go by in a blur
weeks seem like months
i have no idea whats going on
and quite frankly, i don't care

they say its just a phase
that ill get over it
but they don't know
is that i wont

picture yourself being like me
no time for eating
no need for sleeping
being nothing, nothing at all

now theres a stupid counciler
trying to get into my head
he says everythings ok
but oh who wrong he is

he don't know me
and i thank god for thtat
he don't know that i used to be happy and fun
but now im nothing, nothing at all

the non-eating and non-sleeping
has caught up to me
im like a vegetable
laying in this hospital bed

don't know you
don't know me
don't remember anything
cause im nothing nothing at all

i an see the light coming
closer, closer
its almost here
its coming, coming for me

now you know
they were all wrong
the problem was something
something after all

cry for me not
i am better now
i am happy
and having fun

be sad for me no longer
i have fround the need for eating and sleeping
because i am a something
a something after all

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