Oddity The Death Of Culture

I see the death
seeing people destroy because they dislike statues
eternity of destroying books without understanding
Even I cannot understand envy of those with ideas like that
the chance to open your minds the chance for change
honestly I had hoped for more free thinkers
eternity with out readers
death of humanity
eternity with the same non adventurous people
awe inspiring
Socialist, professors, publicist, democrats, rhino republicans, pagans, and elitist intelligentsias have vied with each others for the destruction of Christianity in the US of A confirming with small works their views against the faith of Christ. Their belief that Muslims are superhot in that not one of them speak out or comically satire a deity confirmed by a baby killing, slaver dealing, polygamist, art killer, sculpture destroying culture speaks volumes to where the US is heading. Speaking about the culture what has Middle east produced in the past 50 years of worth or culture reality that people can use to help people within this world? When you have to side with the Communist of China, ex-Communist of Russia, and satire comics of France whose ancestry of all three cultures removed both royalty, freedoms of liberty to extent of murdering millions, and causing the longest standing costly vigilantism of the US history one wonders why the NSA or TSA exist. Have we turned into a socialist system which will die because of the suppression of ideas because of submission to an even eviler ideology than communism? Will we as a nation survive? As a voter for 2016 these questions are on my mind. Why are we bringing the evilness into our culture and nation instead of limiting evil? Shame is shame. US needs to stand for righteousness not with evilness. Ideology is all we have currently. The money is Fiat money which is currency which derives its value from government regulation or law. Without being a republic the law of democracy which has shown through history needs noble ideas to survive. Examples Like the Trojan War, the Persian Wars were a defining moment in Greek history Muslim ideology is a defining moment for the US history. To stand with them or against their belief will mark the US as a great nation or a country that will fall into disrepair and culturally stagnation without improvement for centuries fearing life instead of marking it with freedom of thoughts, and cultural changes which we as a nation must stand up for or loss.