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Oddity Taxation

Taxation for the public good All that money spent for no good Syria Ukraine NSA Why is not taxation built for the public good Shame is shame And no good is no good Taxation for schools Yes Taxation for roads Yes Taxation for terrorist robes in Syria? No Taxation for terrorist in Ukraine No Taxation for homes in the US of A Yes Taxation for helping Us Yes Taxation to hell with the US For flag buring terrorists? No Ukraine Kindly look the other way Reality is sad for you today All the media is looking the other way I hurt for you today Never would I believe the media is cowed in this way Even for a democratic way Media where are you today? Even on the NSA day in day I wonder where are you today all I can say media where are you today Why is the world more scary today is it gas prices that raise while the economy is down is it politicians frowning because their laws drag us down you wonder what I ask or question what I do today I worry about me and you why is a question that should be asked day by day by media by population to stay in communication with the world and stay above or around this US of A I worry about the US of A today Examples of change of the A today Syria the US toke your embassy away today Your voice to ask and receive questions is gone Reality US is going to fight for natural gas I am not sure how to help you today Almighty save those you can from gas today Gone is the US of A Only corporations are here to stay Never a word of A Eternity is awaiting the Us of A US of A where is your right today Seriously being right today Of a world of rights America where is your soul today

Saturday, March 21, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: free mind
The story of threes... you have heard it. The accident happened then another and a third just for the kicks of it. You have to be ready for anything. I do not know what I am, but I have survived again. The third attempt I survived or is there more. What happens next... that is the story... right leg, left foot gone, hearing almost gone, humor how a person trying to kill me with a zip gun attempted murder, and well, the world is out to get someone. But, why this life was to be a bookworm. What could I have done? Alternatively, It could have been... that is a question I do not understand... seated here I realize I should have taken a left corner instead of a right. I would have been next to there... that make no sense... perhaps try something else... a book an author... a poet maybe... I tried a bitperchance I could have been a marine... Or stand against the odds... how I would catch to work against the dragons... what is life like what to say what to do... the tale of ender the pirate most know... Welcome back to the presentation of how the world is nowadays...

There is an Almighty that I know.. I knew of him for a while. He is great and terrible his world is not that which I would be a choice for this life.

I do know that his domain is coming closer. Ceres or Nebular or somewhere else where is Heaven and then that makes there a hell. What will happen? The wars, the peace called by everyone but fulfilled by none. Earthquakes in diverse places, volcano, wars, the world is coming apart per verses in the Bible. Why? What purpose? If the end is known why play the game?

That is the question- is there an alternative world or domain or universe? Is hell the outcome for all those that are not proper or wanting to be right? That is weird about the questioning...