Ode Poem by Cheryl Griffith


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You went without a warning thus
And left my soul to time and dust
A thing so pure that once blossom and bud
Is now sadly, a dried up pod

Oh, you came with such charm and style,
Glaze with smiles to beguile.
Now only darkness linger here,
A flickering shadow of what once was there.

I sought restlessly through time and space,
To stand bravely before your face
And hope you have pity as I plea;
Give back that which you stole from me.

The smile that once adorn my face
A spirit so free and full of grace
A child-like laughter and heart so pure
The me that all once adore.

I've covered all mirrors in and around,
My heart only murmur without song or sound.
Oh, where's the face I once look upon?
The kiss, the smile that once greet the morn.

There's a darkness stirring deep within,
And evil gives a silent grin,
As I muster one last plea;
Give back that which you stole from me.

Monday, July 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
This poem reflects on the way life and situations can change a person and how a person due to painful experiences can lose them-self. It shows how life can steal or take away the beauty and essence of who you are even your innocence.
Colleen Courtney 10 July 2014

Oh my! You were so right Cheryl! It reminds me of my poem Past Beauty so much! This is exactly all I was feeling when writing that poem! You've conveyed that whole gamut of mixed emotions and feelings so perfectly. Thank you for bringing this poem to my attention. Have added to my favorites list so when those feelings come around I can reread and know I am not alone. Have added you to my poets list also. I always say, oh, I need to remember to go back and read this persons work and then I forget.... aging works on the brain also! Lol.

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Cheryl Griffith

Cheryl Griffith

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