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I am from the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. I am co-author of Book Caribbean Spice; published and sold in my country. I also have a CD on sale in Trinidad named 'Eros' Its a CD about love, the various faces of love. It is a mixture of poetry, music and singing all about love and its ups and downs. All the poems on the CD is written by me but I hav ...

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Who are you to stroll into my life
With such boldness and audacity
Claiming with authority
That I am yours and this is destiny?

Love Has Wings

Love has wings ready to fly
Oh love, linger a while
Rest Your tired wings
on the branch of my heart

Speaking Out

This poem?
This poem strives to bring meaning
Straining beyond the agony of words
Stretching beyond the deep, dark abyss of time

Loss Of Innocence

Give me your hand child
This world is filled with too much weeping
More than you can understand

Pen Dance

My pen bops and moves in slow cadence
To the soft throb of melodic words
Inviting poetry Come
Partake in this great celebration

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Ray Schreiber 25 July 2014

Haiku - Nicely done. Your words make the magic tangible. Echoes... oh yes, I remember that.

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