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Who are you to stroll into my life
With such boldness and audacity
Claiming with authority
That I am yours and this is destiny?

Love has wings ready to fly
Oh love, linger a while
Rest Your tired wings
on the branch of my heart

This poem?
This poem strives to bring meaning
Straining beyond the agony of words
Stretching beyond the deep, dark abyss of time

Give me your hand child
This world is filled with too much weeping
More than you can understand

My pen bops and moves in slow cadence
To the soft throb of melodic words
Inviting poetry Come
Partake in this great celebration

Love is a Rose that blooms
With open arms she welcomes the sun
She arises with early beauty at the wake of dawn
She yawns, stretching her body young and free


Love comes by softly
On fragrant breath saunters in
Forever you change.


You went without a warning thus
And left my soul to time and dust
A thing so pure that once blossom and bud
Is now sadly, a dried up pod

Sliding onto ivory sheets he screams
The obscurity of unfamiliar faces
And loud voices made him afraid
Cut off from that place which all this time had kept him safe

Madness, sadness
Hating, degrading
Humanity dying

What's that scent that fouls the air
Its poisonous stench I can hardly bear
What's that I see before me there
Flickering in the dark

As I sit here in serene cerebration
Surveying beauty of sky wind and trees
And roots parting grass
The laughter of children playing


The audience applauds
The actor proudly makes his bow
It's quite easy to tell
The actor had done well

It's a season of guns and blood
Cruelty hides under white hoods
Oh some praying will be wise
To stir our faith and slow demise

(The Yellow Poui Tree)

Poetry comes to me
On the liquid breeze of creation

Silence! Hush!
Be still, listen
Don't you hear?
There's silence out there

Silence stormed my noise-filled world
Blasting its hilarious existence asunder
Bringing its bubbling high pitch to dead silence
Like a dried-up leaf drained of life

Thoughts drizzle from my brain
Like rain grand-charging the sun
seeking to introduce his presence
Offering promises

Love pursues me
Over high hills and valleys
Love pursues me
Until he finds me

Cheryl Griffith Biography

I am from the Island of Trinidad and Tobago. I am co-author of Book Caribbean Spice; published and sold in my country. I also have a CD on sale in Trinidad named 'Eros' Its a CD about love, the various faces of love. It is a mixture of poetry, music and singing all about love and its ups and downs. All the poems on the CD is written by me but I have some of my friends on my CD performing some of my work and Its a CD loved by everyone who heard it. I also have published work in 'Three Sixty Degrees' an anthology and 'Circle of Thoughts' another anthology as well as a local magazines called 'Roots'. I am also twice winner of a national poetry competition in my country. I do performance poetry at various venues in my country. I sometimes do poetry work shop at schools as well as adults. I am at presenting completing a BA in Literature and Communication. I love people and life and it is this love that drives me to write.)

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Who are you to stroll into my life
With such boldness and audacity
Claiming with authority
That I am yours and this is destiny?

How is it your words
Are able to move me beyond words
and touch without touching
The very consciousness that makes me woman?

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Ray Schreiber 25 July 2014

Haiku - Nicely done. Your words make the magic tangible. Echoes... oh yes, I remember that.

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Cheryl Griffith Popularity

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