Ode To The Wind Poem by EZHIL VENDHAN

Ode To The Wind

Rating: 4.7

Coming from where you are dear
Embracing the heart all over
Making all the hair follicles cool.

From the very creation of this universe
Oh wind, everything only after you
Define the earth's face and keeps brace.

Wind is to touch the scalp and smell
Even the mother has the option to kiss
At the first instance of the baby's birth.

You were the first in the past
Prime in the universe fast
Rotating round still young afresh.

Nothing stands still without your moves
No bumps to the leaves buds not inclined
Pollen would be frozen awaiting you.

Wow, I want to embrace you in full
Impossible even if having thousand hands
How then with only two hands.

You are the oxygen in my heart and soul
Nothing but you with me compatible
Survival without you is impossible.

Planet earth couldn't be without water
World has been unique only with water
But without you no other gives water.

I know well about all directions
You only decide my direction
And what is my destination.

Not only in the leaves, flowers and waves
To all that I feel you in amusing moves.

Everything has dimensions and imagery
You are the only reality shadow-free.

Nothing remains ever in vacuum
Do not leave empty as you came.

Filling out always in every way
When you touch and wake me up
Feeling my shoulders like germination
As if wings are about to germinate on.

You come in the dawn as morning breeze
Kiss my eyelids and ears, spin and blow
Awakening daily from death to resurrection.

Lessons learned a lot through you wind
As you are great
the poetry spills from you.

Copyright © Dr Ezhil Vendhan

Ode To The Wind
Thursday, August 3, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: earth,ode,poetry,wind,world
Jeanette Telusma 18 August 2017

A wonderful poem, Ezhil, thanks for sharing.

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Ezhil Vendhan 18 August 2017

So Nice of You dear Jeanette Telusma for brwing my poem and offering you wonderful compliments.

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