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My dream was finally becoming a reality
Without having to plan it.
The perfect opportunity was present.
I looked up and opened my arms.

To be counted amongst the living is a blessing.
To be amongst the living gives you one more chance to be...
It's another chance to bring that dream into existence.
That dream is worth pursuing.

There is freedom in writing.
Me, my pen and journal.
There are times when one thought
is all that's needed

We are never alone
Because God promised
He'll never leave nor
Forsake us.

Love is the greatest gift of all.

We ought to love others as we love ourselves.

One's intuition never steer them wrong.
It's that feeling from deep within.
One that carries a voice but yet it is silent.
It's that, when you know, that you know, that you know.

Please boost up your mind, body, and soul. Cheer up! ! !
All is well and will continue to be well.

Mighty God, Jehovah Gibbor... the God that wars on your behalf. He is the one that will protect, shield, and comfort you.

Almighty Creator,
I am forever indebted to You.
I am because You are.
Apart from You there is no existence.

Friendship is
Affection with

I love and always look forward to Saturdays.
It is a day to just lay around or get ready to go..
That is, you are ready to not be going anywhere.
Or you're getting ready to go out and about.

A lovely couple indeed.
Each one felt the other's pain
Whether apart or together.
They had one vision and one alone.

Life is so beautiful,
It's no justice when
We rush through
As if in a whirlwind.

Today is your day
Fair lady.
You're one year younger.
Thank God.

My heart skips with great expectation when I look beyond the hills.
I see a lovely rainbow so vibrant, so alive, and so promising.
As I close my eyes I somehow feel the texture of it.
The rainbow is soft and smooth as grapes.

It's been offered to you.
You didn't go out looking for it.
The fact that it was presented
Certainly speaks for itself.

After a beautiful day at work
I treasure the comfort of home
I watch the kids as they learn
K-pop dance moves.

Forming structure in one's life
Is the most essential thing.
Without it, life will waver to and fro.
It's as a ship with out direction

Supposedly, Christmas ought to be cold.
Certainly not in my neck of the woods.
A few years back we visited New York.
We were determined to have a cold Christmas.

The first in 12 years to make landfall in the
United States with massive impact.
Hurricane Harvey was a whooping category 4
With lots of heavy rain and wind.

Budding so lusciously are the
Lovely white lillies
Over in the meadows.
Sensational and

Jeanette Telusma Biography

Born and raised on the beautiful tropical island of the Bahamas. Her parents were born in Haiti. She is a writer and teacher. She is best known for her extraordinary interest in reading, writing, traveling and meeting people throughout all walks of life. She is presently working on a book on life, love and family. Writing poems is very sacred to her because it is in doing so that she expresses her passion for God, family, friends and nature. You're invited to read her collection of poems at your leisure. May you enjoy each piece as she enjoyed writing them. It's always a pleasure reading kind comments so feel free to do so anytime. It's a wonderful experience having you here as poet pals. Poem Hunter is a gold mine based on the vast number of amazing poems and poets I've come across. A heartfelt Thank You to each and everyone of you all. You're an inspiration! ! !)

The Best Poem Of Jeanette Telusma

Caught In The Rain

My dream was finally becoming a reality
Without having to plan it.
The perfect opportunity was present.
I looked up and opened my arms.
It was raining hard.
A dream come true.
My hair was perfect.
Dressed for an outing.
Crossed body purse and all.
It rained as if there was no tomorrow.
Such a joy, a moment filled with peace.
A needed refresher to my soul.
I walked a mile and back.
No need to rush.
This was my moment to smell the roses.
This was a personal moment between me and God.
I envisioned He was there with me.
It was a wonderful time to let go
Of any cumbersome thing.
That day I felt as an eagle soaring high.
Breaking through what holds the mind takes courage.
What an exhilarating feeling it was?
I promise myself this would not be my last.

Jeanette Telusma Comments

Hebert Logerie Sr. 26 January 2018

It is always wonderful to go back to our childhood, to yesterday, where in spite of minor problems or mishaps, life was almost perfect, like a dream, like an earthly heaven. Congratulations! Today is your day. May God bless you!

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Sochukwu Ivye 04 October 2017

You have the gift of expression, dear poetess. It is breathtaking to read from you. Your drive is inspiring, keep melting hearts to mush.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 01 August 2017

Born in Bahamas form parents of Haiti origin Jeanette Telusma now lives in Ola, United States. She is a very nice poetess, writer and teacher. Reading, writing, travelling and meeting people become her passion and she gains many experiences. She carefully observes life, love; family and keeps trust on God and nature. Her deep observations and passion are very well reflected in her many of writings. Poems she writes about nature, love, peace, kindness and God are really deeply philosophical and more valuable gifts to our poetic world. She is very co-operative to fellow poets and she has an amazing skill of reading and reviewing poems of other poets. She has caring nature for all. Her poems are valuable for humanity. I have gone through many of her poems and reviewed them. I am really astonished finding her excellent skill of philosophical presentation that reflects her real talent and she is a gifted poetess. Her perseverance brings her ahead in this world. Her many quotes remain in mind of many readers. Really she is a poetic gem and star in this sky of poetic world. Among her poems, ‘To God be the Glory, ’ ‘God’s Word, ’ ‘A new Creation, ’ ‘Kindness, ’ ‘Lord I Worship You, ’ ‘Experience, ’ ‘Gratitude, ’ ‘Love Covers, ’ ‘Nature As I See It’ and ‘My Son and My Daughters, ’ are milestones of her success. We are really very happy having such a poetess friend among us in our poetic society. I am wishing her all the best for her efforts for literary perseverance, writing and teaching. May God bring lots of happiness and fortune for her and all of her family members! May fragrant flowers bloom in her way of walking! Best Wishes from: Kumarmani Mahakul (Gandam, Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA)

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Edward Kofi Louis 01 August 2017

Enter into her world so sweet! Her world that muses. A lady with a class! ! Beauty with the muse of her mind. Touching the hearts of many with her poetry. Her name is, Jeanette Telusma. Read her poems and, learn from her sweet mind as well. Edward Kofi Louis.

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Jeanette Telusma Quotes

Time waits on no one. Stay there and watch it go on by.

Keep it moving, time waits for no one.

Happiness is not found outwardly but inwardly, so therefore search within.

Always remember the earth goes round and round. The same truth applies to whatever is sown will certainly predict the type of harvest to come.

Always free yourself from restraining yourself to doing what's right.

Go out and feel nature's breeze, look up and see the magnificent of the sky, move as if in a circle and see awesome wonder. Nature at its best.

In spite of our imperfections He calls us His master piece. I believe it's only a strategy used to elevate our thoughts of ourselves.

Love and Life is filled with beautiful surprises.

Pain is the needed remedy to get back up on your feet.

Pursue life as though there is only today. Live life and make every minute of living count.

Mothers should be held up high, they are to be looked upon as life givers because they are in unbreakable partnership with the Great Creator -God. They are to be treasured and loved.

All praise and recognition given goes to You Almighty God. It's all laid down at Your feet, no other more deserving.

This is so beautiful.... when I see this it's as if we are offering our love up to God for Him to be glorified in it.

Smiling.....365 days a year, every hour of every day, every second of each minute ~ I Do Love You ~

Thank you darling ~ it is so and so shall it be for us and all that pertains to us in Jesus Matchless Name Amen!

I'm amazed at the depth of love I'm experiencing, I've never experienced it this deep before.

Our love have intertwined as one, there's no me without you and there's no you without me. My mind is forever in deep thoughts of you.

You're the poetry that beats through my very being and I love it.

You are the very essence to my existence. I am because you are.

I think you are the cutest creation God created and I'm blessed to have you in my life.

Wow... baby, you knock me right off my feet with your love expressions though so far away.

Wow... baby, knock me right off my feet with your love expressions though so far away.

I pray to always share life with you in good times and in bad times forever and always.

I love you to the moon and beyond my love, it hurts sometimes; I just have to pull myself away from you.

You are my joy, my peace, my tranquilizer, my heart beat, my rhythm, my horizon, my everything baby.

Now can not be pulled back into the past nor can it be pulled into the future, it is simply now intertwined with the present.

Crooked Sticks Crooked sticks can draw straight lines as broken crayons can still color.

Bébé je t'aime jusqu'à la lune et au-delà, passé l'infini ♾️ tu cours dans mes pensées et mon cœur saute comme si tu étais prochè.

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Jeanette Telusma Popularity

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