Moez Ben Meftah

Oh Lord

Oh Lord

Oh lord oh god
For thee the sun rises
For thee is the sunset
And for thee creatures of oneness fast
Oh lord oh God ya Allah
So slow is the shade of this globe
Yet our time passes past so fast
Oh lord pardon me
For things I kept shut in my chest
Pardon me For asking you
what time is left
from the age that went past

Oh lord oh god ya Allah
The dawn smiles and I start to fast
The twilight hugs this earth
and I break the fast
Everyday rewinds my sins
of the other day uncast
Every night reminds cells
There will come a hard test
Yet I never get derailed
As thine mercy is the host of a zealot
And your grace is but a stone's cast

Oh lord oh god
Hail to thine sweetest guest
The dearest wayfarer RAMADANE
I celebrate that, I burn scents
I lit antique lamps for it
I tie colorful ribbons on lamp posts
I burn amber I do namast
I recite the verses You love best

Oh lord oh god
This month passes fast
As the other Ramadan sneaked swift
And I fear lest
Eden Passes my temple
And I am again a fuss ill thrust

Oh lord oh god
For thee this time I confess
And I may not do unless
I come across a pain so merciless
Oh god oh lord I then confess
I address, I redress, I undress,
I toss my mess into thine boundless bliss
And who dares die
in the demon-made blast
Who dares be lost
in whims set ablaze in a wild forest

Oh lord oh god
you know all pulses of good
In veins of my chest
You know the hisses of luciphers spoiling the fellow fasters seeming chaste
You know the olms and dimes
I gave the blind sosistris
You know the ransom I paid
To free tangled wrists
You know supplicationsI uttered..
But not meant as spelt
You know the roar I evoked at home
And I deprived mum from siesta rest
You know the doves I chased just
to be chased and the bullets
that ravaged little ones and went unjust
and what was made of the chicks nest
You know.... you know
as you knew the tiny stubborn
chew in my chest
You know the dawn prayers I missed
You know the calls I ignored and I slept
You know how much i've been rude
yet I still request and insist

You know how much
I tilled to love thee most
Yet I loved Samantha best
And to reshuffle our fates is your
enigma nobody knowest

Oh lord oh god
You Know all I Knew and I know not
What will come from what went past
You know I know it is preordained
To be the way I am now cast
So what to do what to foretell what to forecast
I have nothing to deny today
Except the repentance I delayed
Though no more is left of the tough quest

Oh lord oh god
For thee I forsake the all day long zest
For thee I stand upright
In the middle of the night crest
and delay my small hours rest
For thee I cancel all tours
northward, to south, to east and west
as for thee is the real long quest
For thee I never booze
As I forgot the milk of mum's breast
For thee I quit the grilled,
the fried and the
luscious roast

Oh lord oh God
Ten days of RAMADONE left
And a whole score before
has gone in jest
Yeh fellows run run
some more run in earnest
Oh lord oh god ya Allah
these are our hearts.......

Moez Ben Meftah

Topic(s) of this poem: confessional

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Form: Blank Verse

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