Oh Sweet Vampyria Poem by Christopher Jackson

Oh Sweet Vampyria

Rating: 5.0

Oh sweet Vampyria unto you I resign,
Do as you please with me in this design,
All that is mine, I give unto you,
My blood and my flesh, my eyesight too,
Take them all, without a care,
Take them all. Here, I lay bare.

Oh sweet Vampyria why do I need so,
These frenzied moments of bloodshed with you?
How I crave my teeth at your neck,
Needy of drink, like babe from mother’s breasts,
Let me into you; let me take my fill,
I cry for this, I need this blood to spill!

Oh sweet Vampyria how long till this fades?
How long till I lose this need to drain,
Decades you say? Well centuries await,
Millennia perhaps. What’s to anticipate?
What does this life have stored for you and I?
Take my hand and we’ll give it a try...

Oh sweet Vampyria come into my arms,
Let me embrace you; work my charms,
Come unto me little vampyre, come tonight,
Let me end all for you; all of this plight,
Come with me, bring immortalities curse,
We’ll away into the shadows, from this night forth.

Oh sweet Vampyria why the tears on your face?
We are no longer meek; but divine creatures of grace,
We are the powerful, the beautiful,
The undying, the immortal,
Through the night we can always stand proud,
Though contact with our past is disallowed…

Oh sweet Vampyria do not dwell on what’s lost,
This infernal beauty forever will last,
We can read every book, and see every play,
Retire together at the dawn of the day,
Though perhaps we are monsters in the eyes of others,
We are simply and eternally perfected lovers…

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