Oh These Eyes Of Mine Poem by Leila Kay

Oh These Eyes Of Mine

Rating: 2.8

Pray tell me heart...Why do these eyes of mine shed tears
Why oh why tonight these eyes...
These eyes that once thirsted to catch a glimpse of you drown in the Ocean of your memories
Oh these eyes of mine...
Pray tell me heart... Why they burn in the fire of your desire
Oh these eyes of mine..
Pray tell me heart...Why do they betray me with tears that escape their Safe haven
Pray tell me heart... What do these windows to my soul reveal
Oh these eyes of mine
What secrets do they tell

Andrew mark Wilkinson 26 May 2007

Leila... The eyes are the windows of our souls, your eyes tell a story of a lot of pain... But tears of sadness can be turned to tears of joy...10 from the Only man to make you laugh and cry at the same time...

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Nyrical Poet 29 March 2007

Leila, wonderful poem. I have always said that a person's eyes tell a story, and is the key to a person's heart. If one pays attention, and understands the story the eyes tell, it will lead to the inside of another's soul. Great write! ! !

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