Forbidden Fruit Poem by Leila Kay

Forbidden Fruit

Rating: 5.0

I want to sleep if this is a dream
I want to lay beside you
Watch you awaken
I want you to kiss my eyes shut
Let me dream dream dream

I want to breathe if this is life
I want to share each breath with you
I want to inhale when you exhale
I want you to kiss my lips open
Let me live live live

I want to die if this is heaven
I want you to show me paradise
I want to taste forbidden fruit
Love me tonight
Love leila leila leila

Marvin Brato 18 June 2008

Everyone has desire to love and be love back.... in dreams and much more in reality! A 10.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 29 April 2007

To dream of sweet love, but wait life is a dream when your in love... andy x

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Hazem Al Jaber 02 April 2007

another great and beautiful one.. great writer you are, , great one whom knows how to express her feelings through words.. come leila.. and and make your dream become as a real.. come and make your reality, , come waiting for you.. done well leila.. hazem

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Sajid Mirza 30 March 2007

Beautiful Poem. Very nice! ! ;)

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Jerry Hughes 22 March 2007

...I don't know who you've dedicated this to Leila, but he, I'm presuming he's a he, is a very lucky man.

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