Oh Leonardo Mine... Poem by Leila Kay

Oh Leonardo Mine...

Rating: 5.0

There is a place, a secret divine place where dreams do come true
Painted in every hue....said he

Let all the colours shower upon you my love
Like Crystals sparkling in the sunlight a mesmerising prism which Catches the lovers eyes

And follow blindly the path of your rainbow coloured love
Oh lay before me
Oh lay before me a path so that i may tread softly

Oh what colours you evoke and awaken deep within my soul
What feelings and emotions you paint

I want to paint you my love....said he

Paint me oh love of mine
Colour me with your love
Paint me as you would a virgin canvas
Untouched unsoiled
Pure and Lily white
Caress my canvas
Soft strokes
Let me feel the intensity of your colours
The passion and the love
The urgency and the desire

Sweet love I shall paint you...said he
Caress you with my softness
Love you with my hands
With a great myriad of colours

Be careful Leonardo mine
For one careless stroke of your artful hand
Could ruin us forever

I my love will never ruin this canvas...said he
For i shall ruin myself first
I have no desire to taint my immaculate lily white canvas
Oh canvas mine place in me your trust

I trust you oh Leonardo mine
Oh love of mine
Pray do paint me

Paint the redness of my lips
The deepest most passionate shade of crimson

Yes my love by the purity of your soul...said he

Paint my lips in the redness of your blood
Let me taste the urgency
Let me taste the desire

Take my blood and paint you all over
For i shall never in love be a miser

Paint my eyes
With the darkest mystery of your eyes
Let me see the colour of the starlit night eyes
Let me see through to your true surreal beauty

Paint my skin with your tears
Wash me with the colours of your tears
Like the ocean washes over the thirsty shores

Paint my hair oh love
Arranged like the lovers hair as she awakens from her sweet slumber
From her wild nights in your heaven
Loved and tired
A smile on her crimson lips
The sunlight strewn over her dishevelled locks

Oh sweet love of mine....said he
Oh canvas pure and perfect
I wish to again paint your lips

Perfect my lips oh leonardo mine
Perfect them with your lips on mine
Seal it with your name
Sign my virgin canvas
For all the world to see
Sign it with your soul

Stand back Leonardo mine
And see the people share the beauty of your painted love

Yes my love....said he
A mixture of all the deep and worthy colours
Worthy of your love
Colours for all the world to see and not to touch

Stand back oh Leonardo mine and see how the world admires
your Leila
Your work of art..your Love..your passion
Let not your heart become green with envy

Oh sweet love of mine..will not let such baser emotions take hold of me...said he

Then it is clear for the world in its entirety to see
How proud Leonardo is of his love
To share but a miniscule glimpse into his love

Bedazzle the wolrd oh Leonardo mine
By the intensity of the colours
Let it not rain tonight oh Leonardo mine
Let our colours run free only when the time is right
For then they will run free and mingle
As one
Like Leonardos palate in the rain

Oh sweet Leonardo mine
We shall become one
Leonardo and his canvas
Totally connected

Like a garland of flowers....said he
Intertwined Locked
Suspended in time
Frozen like the lovers breath upon your lip

A nameless timeless communion
A commitment of two souls
Two hearts two bodies
One love

Oh Leonardo mine...

Andrew mark Wilkinson 02 May 2007

Poesia di amore nei suoi numerosi colori...dolore per me sempre Leonardo... Poetry of love in its many colours... paint fo me always... Leila a beautiful poem indeed thank you for sharing with me...10 out of 10... andy thine... xxx

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Sparkling, fascinating, colourful, vibrant piece; truly engaging. t x

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Brian Dorn 21 April 2007

Great stuff, Leila! Literally a blast from the past... and truly a pleasure to read! Brian

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Hazem Al Jaber 15 April 2007

wow.. leila.. so beautiful this which you are speeching to.. hazem

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