On A Young Lady's Sixth Anniversary Poem by Katherine Mansfield

On A Young Lady's Sixth Anniversary

Rating: 2.8

Baby Babbles--only one,
Now to sit up has begun.

Little Babbles quite turned two
Walks as well as I and you.

And Miss Babbles one, two, three,
Has a teaspoon at her tea.

But her Highness at four
Learns to open the front door.

And her Majesty--now six,
Can her shoestrings neatly fix.

Babbles, babbles, have a care,
You will soon put up your hair!

Terry Craddock 30 April 2015

What a subtle way to childhood write the rapid passing of time. I would suggest an investigation into her poetry and short stories, in my opinion another example of a kiwi who wrote better after the contrast of travelling over seas. Having read so many of Mansfields's stories, remembering the impact at high school under the gift of a good English teacher, then later studying New Zealand Literature and Katherine Mansfield at university, read so often over the later years, Katherine will always be to me, hello old friend.

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Sengiyumva Thiery 30 April 2015

That was Awesome i like the way this poem rymes, it is a true work of art, in my openion

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John Richter 30 April 2015

I absolutely love this, and agree Paul..... Children grow up way too fast

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Paul Reed 30 April 2015

How quickly they grow up, we must cherish childhood days

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