On Father's Day Celebration In India- A Resurrection, Amidst The Pandemic

The head of family needs to be
Revered, extolled and remembered;
Part of the trunk of family-tree,
He slogged all life to earn its bread.

A little boy, he turned a lad,
And struggled hard to be a man;
He married and was quite well-clad,
And turned his daughter's hero-fan!

‘Inside the head is lodged the brain,
That plans, and works all body parts;
Its signal effort brings the gain
That vanishes, when man departs! '

Man toils hard for his wife and kids;
He dreams of family's success now;
At times, much strife, the poor man weds,
But smiles through sorrow, grief, with love.

A father's dreams lost in life's maze,
Can hardly come true as life goes;
His ambitions blur in the haze
of life's set-backs, and bitter dose!

He tries too hard to make all smile;
The truth is he can hardly laugh!
For family's sake, the extra mile,
He walks and runs, though others scoff!

Good fathers balance needs of all,
But seldom think of self or own;
They keep all promises though tall,
And spend much time, praying alone.

No tail can wag the head in life;
The head has strictness, kindness mixed;
Some problems come like storms and rife;
In shame and squalor, man gets fixed!

As seasons change, the bane turns boon;
The family's happy, and too man;
Then comes on time, the sun, rain, moon!
‘The fish jumps off the frying-pan! '

All smile and laugh as money flows;
The head in spirits high, now lies;
Man pays off debts in life, he owes;
In old age, sick, ‘unloved', he dies!

This is life's truth, most men go through;
Life's hero gets no accolades;
The head may at times only snooze;
His labor, struggles and pain fades!

The father's head of families' most;
Make him to smile, laugh, while alive;
In earthly life, dad is no ghost;
All have a role in life's bee-hive!

Dedicated to all good fathers/ dads on
‘Father's Day Celebration in India' throughout the globe,
Especially to my Daddy (late) Shri.A.T.Antoniswami M.A.L.T., Cbe

Copyright by Dr John Celes 20-06-2021

On Father's Day Celebration In India- A Resurrection, Amidst The Pandemic
Sylvia Frances Chan 19 June 2021

Lovely and powerful words for all fathers on this globe on fatherDay Sunday 20 June 2021. Beautifully added with archaic photograph.5 stars full for this well composed poem. Thanks for sharing.Poem: On Father's Day Celebration In India- A Resurrection, Amidst The Pandemic

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