On Hearing Of The Death Of John (2000)

Rating: 5.0

When last I saw John Healy what year offhand don't know
It must have been in the late sixties now that seems long ago
As we shook hands in parting he said again soon we will meet
If not in New York City then maybe in Millstreet.

His nephew Eoin Murphy wrote to me from distant U.S.A.
He told me how his uncle John of late had passed away
I felt so sad about it and I stifled back the tears
As I walked the roads of memory back to the long lost years.

My sister Mary's husband she was for many years his wife
The passing of her beloved John will leave a huge hole in her life
And as for their son John junior he too must feel the pain
But memories last a lifetime and the memories will remain

Of one who was kindhearted and who liked to share a joke
And one who will be remembered as a good and decent bloke
And one who was a good friend to all he loved and knew
And to the higher principles he always remained true.

As I look out the window the winter skies are gray
And the skies perhaps can best describe the way that I feel today
At the sad news of the passing of my dear departed friend
But the good memories live on after in death they do not end.

A letter from Eoin Murphy who lives in the U.S.A.
He told me that his uncle John of late had passed away
The husband of my sister Mary from his suffering found release
And at the Gate of Heaven may he now rest in peace.