On The Beijing Olympics Poem by Francis Duggan

On The Beijing Olympics

The Chinese Government never should have got the Olympic Games their culture to celebrate
News of crimes against humanity filtering out of Tibet of late
The Chinese Government ordered their troops against unarmed demonstrators with the orders of shoot to kill
As human rights go nothing has changed in China and suppose it never will.

The Olympic Games is about peace and World harmony and human rights in that include
But the pathway to justice by the Chinese Government has never been pursued
China should never have been given the Olymipc Games that's my truth anyway
Though others on the matter may have different to say.

To shoot to death unarmed demonstrators is a foul and a cowardly crime
But for the riot troops of China this is not the first time
That they have deliberately murdered civilians in an act worthy of shame
Though for their needless murdering they won't be taking any blame

Giving the 08 Olympic Games to Beijing I would say a huge mistake
But the Olympic Governing Council must stand by the decision they did take
In affording the Chinese Government such an honour but it does seem sad to say
That in a tainted Olympics for their mistake they will pay.

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