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Angel statues frozen in time,
As you hear a wedding chime,
Hearing the preacher mumble,
Faces of the statue crumble.

Take my own life end it all.
Will you catch me when I fall?
On my hand and knees I crawl.
No longer standing big and tall.

Wind me up and watch me go,
Play me like a piano,
Touch and play every key,
Press down the ivory.

I'm sane, I'm insane,
I'm extra, I'm plain,
I'm this, I'm that,
I'm skinny, I'm fat,

Shutup I can't listen anymore.
Be quiet, don't slam the door.
So many times, I have said:
'Stop, screaming, voices in my head'

Scare Crow, Mad Hatter,
McDonald's, getting fatter,
Pierced nipples, pink hair,
World ending, don't care,

Bouncing like a ball.
The porcelain doll.
As she starts to fall.
Down with her came all.

As we kiss,
And our eyes meet.
A look of somthing,
Lost but sweet.

It's hard to say when I'll leave all I love behind...
It's hard to help you understand when words I still can't find.
It's hard to listen to all the voices who by me have stayed.
It's hard to forget the voice screaming at me that I've betrayed.

I'm broken...
I tripped...
I took a step and slipped,
I fell so far, I crashed the car,

Mirror mirror on the wall.....
Am I short or thin and tall?
Am I ugly, fat, or thin.
Can barley bare to look again....

How I miss the shape blade race across my skin.
How I miss you slice me up, again and then again.
How I miss me hurt myself, I am not so sure.
How I miss to feel alive, for all I can endure.

You're my everything, you're my all.
You're the one that breaks my fall.
You're my reason for awaking,
You're so sweet, so breath taking.

Oh, how I want to press escape
To leave this life and all mistakes.
To press the button, how I dare
To wake up and be elsewhere.


Your lies are a product that I'm not buying.
Realized, I have, of the fiction you're supplying.
My eyes are open, the truth so vivid
Once disguised, because love is liquid.

I know I'm not a mannequin,
I know I'm not stick thin,
I know I don't have perfect skin,
I know it's not like porcelain.

Hey there Mr. Perfect,
Hello never wrong.
Good morning beautiful,
Sorry distance is so long.

I opened up, I let you in.
I did it once, and once again.
And there you came knocking on my door,
Of course I let you back in for more.

You used to be my inspiration.
My lovely little fascination.
My darling baby, my one and only.
But now you're gone, I'm sad and lonely...

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I'm a dreamer that grew up in small towns in Arkansas. I write as a form of therapy under the alias Chris Newlash. My poems are usually to remove internal negativity and make it artistic and external. My mind seems to want to run away from itself. Some of these poems I wrote at 11 years old, all the way to my current age, so they vary greatly. I'm in college now and I'm becoming a much better writer. I just can't bring myself to delete some of these poems that are mediocre at best because of their sentimental value, and they represent my journey and growth as a student of poetry. I hope that you find something that speaks to you, and I would prefer any constructive criticism to be sent through private messaging. Really, thank you for reading, I appreciate it.)

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Angel Statues

Angel statues frozen in time,
As you hear a wedding chime,
Hearing the preacher mumble,
Faces of the statue crumble.
Silently out side they lay,
As you bow your head to pray,
Wings of angels cold as stone,
In the garden all alone.
Some say they were once real,
Once they could, touch and feel,
They say that they fell from grace,
And somehow wound up in this place.
They're so confused, cold, and still,
Alone in the garden on the hill.

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Joe Doti 03 August 2008

thanks for the comment, i read most of your poems there good. Always helps a little to write your stuff out. Keep you head up your a good writer

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