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I'm a dreamer that grew up in small towns in Arkansas. I write as a form of therapy under the alias Chris Newlash. My poems are usually to remove internal negativity and make it artistic and external. My mind seems to want to run away from itself. Some of these poems I wrote at 11 years old, all the way to my current age, so they vary greatly. I'm ...

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Angel Statues

Angel statues frozen in time,
As you hear a wedding chime,
Hearing the preacher mumble,
Faces of the statue crumble.


Take my own life end it all.
Will you catch me when I fall?
On my hand and knees I crawl.
No longer standing big and tall.

Play Me Like A Piano

Wind me up and watch me go,
Play me like a piano,
Touch and play every key,
Press down the ivory.


I'm sane, I'm insane,
I'm extra, I'm plain,
I'm this, I'm that,
I'm skinny, I'm fat,

Silent Voices

Shutup I can't listen anymore.
Be quiet, don't slam the door.
So many times, I have said:
'Stop, screaming, voices in my head'

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Joe Doti 03 August 2008

thanks for the comment, i read most of your poems there good. Always helps a little to write your stuff out. Keep you head up your a good writer

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