On The Death Of A Celebrity

Though his passing has caused many tears for to flow
How can I weep for one I did not know
Mourned by his fans and friends and family and by his fourth wife
He did know of fame and fortune in his life.

His fans will miss him though his better years long gone
But like some like to say life will go on
With many children four wives and many mistresses on the side
He had done a lot of living till he died.

Never see him in the flesh though I watched him on t v
He seemed just a celebrity to me
Any liking towards him I could not feel
Though to many he was one with great appeal.

He dreamed of fame and fortune as a boy
And such thing in life he lived for to enjoy
He knew of great success he had his glorious years
But for one I did not know I could not shed any tears.

I heard it on the news headlines today
That the great star of the big screen had passed away
And though feeling in my soul not truly dead
A tear for him I did not have to shed.