Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time

There was a devil that runs his kingdom
He made sure that no one gets into higher position without proof of being 100% cruel
He needed to employ someone to become a specialist vice CEO of his Kingdom
There was only one man who was qualified to the interview
Let see how did the interview went:

Chief of Demons: It been a very long time this man has not yet arrived
Secretary: he is just 10 seconds late give him at least three minutes

A ring bell of a door rings Trr trrr trrrr

Secretary: Hello is it Slogan, for an interview?

Slogan: Yes your royal highness, I’ sorry to be late

Chief of Demons: no problem Slogan the secr. Will come to open the door

Now inside the room

Secretary: Hello Slogan the Chief is ready, could you please sit down

Chief hear is the peace of paper please fill it knowing that that is your last chance: don’t write and rub the test shall be 4 minutes

Question one

What experience of demon / killing / cruelty have you had?

I am directing the youth to porn

I am directing them to hijack and make very sad cards by robots

How would you describe your Degree so far (Academic results)

Excellent, I know criminal Law, I am a criminal too

What personal qualities do you have to equip you to be a helpful demonized first year killer?

Pedofile: The tendency of making adult people to be sexual attracted with young children
I am the role model of Michal Jackson and too much gay
I play soccer so that I keep on breaking people’s born
I hit the couches if they don’t pick me in the skim

State your academic results below

Ethics: 86 pass

Advanced Hijacking: Escaping Liability: 76 pass

Criminal aspects: 88 pass

Post modernism: 80 Pass

Test results:

Thank you for your co-operation. You have demonstrated that you used to be pro-demon and there are a lot of potential killings you possess. I regret to inform you that you do not qualify this position of becoming a CEO of the Demons. This is coming from the fact that you have got 80% from Moral and Ethics subject. Slogan I did not realize that you are the enemy of this kingdom. Actually you are bisexual in sex and in kingdom. Clearly if you meet God you tell him that you qualify heaven and if you meet me you tell me that you qualify demons kingdom. I shall not release you to go back to my community. And I shall not let you go to the kingdom of God: Since you know everything about this universe of demons. You are the one who will betray us. Secretary calls the soldier4s to kill this man.

Ladies and gentlemen between you and me: this story tells us that there is no one who can have two Gods at the same time. We need to select one Lord to who we can truly rely. This thing is same as someone loves two girl friends at the same time. He loves the other better than the other. I this game there is someone who is always get to be betrayed.

So I ask you today: Who do you think you want to betray: is it God or Devil

I and my family shall save the Lord who is not seen by the naked eyes. No matter how bad the situation. No matter how people are taking God for granted these days. I shall stick in the name of Lord forever. I don’t care if I have never seen the Lord by my naked eyes but I will take what I have been told by my forefathers as it is written in the scripture of Lord. This is very best than to simple wait for another kindom which has never been told or seen by naked eyes.

Poem Submitted: Saturday, October 25, 2008

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