The Organic Food And The Conventional Food

The relationship between the organic food and the conventiona food
Initially it will be like a car movind with four equally resistence wheels
At the centre of this car is the agribusiness and the NOPPR which act as the gear and the steering.
These organisations are as buisy as bee or ants
They arer buisy screwing off the screws of ORGANIC WHEELS
But the car continue to move with the two wheels with one side off-screwed
On the left hand side is the organic wheel andon th right hand side is the conventional farming wheel

So left means conventional and loose screws.
So right means conventional and tight screws.

Suddenly the car is approaching the the knee jerking corners
The conventiona side is tight and balanced
But the organic side is loose and unbalanced
The whole wagon is overturned
But the conventional wheels will survive from becoming broken
Because it has it pro-neutral gear
Were you following this extract
Who is the pro-neutral gear
Well if you were there this is Agribusiness and NPPR.
The conventional side is therefore left without an intact
After the heavy destructions that will kill organic farmers the pro -neitral Jesus will appear again to act as the most pity collugue
Now listen to the clever words of the pro-Jesus
OH my friend Mr.Conventional Farmers: Let me fix your problem
It is clear that your screws were not tight
See we have all rolled of the wagon
But our wheels are not broken
Maybe we need to start use one of our materials
But remember that the screws were being removed over the several number of years by the very same Pro-Agribusiness sothat Conventional Business wins this battle
Whose wheel was not tight anyway
I warn organic farmers to start look at your relationship betwee the Organic and Conventional farming very seriously
Otherwise our future genarations will see the Clashes of the Multicorporations.
It will be better to be at the Sodoma than the Gomora
It will be better to be at Orld wars than at Agribusiness

Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

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