One Must Wonder Poem by Derek R. Audette

One Must Wonder

Rating: 2.3

One must wonder at the beauty of the universe,

be it formed by design or accident,

it is a marvel indeed -
a wondrous place of immaculate mystery.

Encoded, in some bizarre fashion,
with an enigmatic blueprint, - a design
of rough, disheveled perfection.

Encoded in a fashion that we
can not ever hope to fully comprehend.
Though we may read its verse,
over and over, the full pattern of its poetry
may very well elude us for eternity.

I stand in awe before the concepts of its being,
I gaze in awe within its religion of oblivion,
I envy both its limitless unconcern,
and its boundless compassion.
For, within every particle of its mass and
all the empty space of its vacuum: this is where God lives.
And, I, a part of it all, am ever small before its greatness.
All is divinity.

It is the eternal wellspring of all things;
the infinite reservoir of all that is knowable.
All bad, and good, all evil, and righteous.
It is the Alpha and the Omega.
The womb and the grave.
And so, the cycle passes midpoint;
a small void between the lines of information.
And, it once again turns back in on itself.
A countdown,
back toward the beginning, commences,
to repeat the process once more.
And on it shall ever go, ever on – ever on -
for all that is time.

All is divinity,
all is beauty and all is ugliness,
and God truly lives unbound
both within and without its infinite,
un-existing borders.
It is truth and lies,
reality and fantasy,
life, death and oblivion.

The code is known,
but unbroken, incomplete.
It shall never be fully known,
despite our relentless studying of its verse,
our tireless reading of its poetry – over and over again.

A story without form,
the greatest story, the only story,
ever repeating, throughout all that is time.

Order and chaos,
a birth into entropy.

Be it by design or accident,

one must wonder at the beauty of the universe.

Copyright (C) MMIV (2004)

Dr.subhendu Kar 08 October 2007

superb version of smacks me pleasure, well penned

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Derek R. Audette

Derek R. Audette

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