One Night As She Lay Sleeping. Poem by PAUL COLVIN

One Night As She Lay Sleeping.

One night as she lay sleeping, I whispered in her ear
Hush! My little angel, you’re safe now, I am here
I promise to watch over you and keep you free from danger
So save your love and dreams for me, don’t give them to a stranger.

We lived our lives in broken dreams but love kept us together
I told her of the plans I had and just how much I love her
But I can tell you dreams come true, they just don’t disappear
Just one last kiss before I go, will wipe away your tears.

Your eyes are red from painful tears, there was nothing you could do
Cry no more, I have not gone, I’m watching over you.
I love you more than life itself and love you more each day
So save your love and dreams for me, don’t let them slip away.

Let your dreams surround us both, dreams are made for sharing
You showed me what unselfish meant and spent a lifetime caring
Then took me in and filled a life, a lonely life, with pleasures
Then gave to me the gift of love and that I’ll always treasure.

The one I’m watching over now has filled my heart with pride
She smiles in sleep, as if she knows, I’m standing by her side
Just lying there, a smiling face with lips I’ve often kissed
We travelled hard and loved the same, that same love now is missed.

But she awakes, it’s not the same, a day of grief and sorrow
Memories are fading fast, with no hope for tomorrow
Put your hand in my hand now, my love for you, you know
Just one last kiss, and one last smile, before I have to go.

So when you go to sleep at night, I’ll be there beside you
And when you wake, I’ll still be there, I’ve been the whole night through
Just taking care of you my love, the same as you would do
Then when we meet, I’ll start again, a lifetime loving you.

B.M.Gray 12 December 2017

Such a beautiful poem. It touches my heart, it gives me hope as well as makes me sad. I love it so much

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Virginia Pecho Gely 22 November 2012

Love is the most sublime among all human sentiments. This poem shows that even death cannot win over love. This one is magnificent! Thanks Paul for sharing. Virginia

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